Area 78


Travel Assistance Form

Please note that the Area 78 Travel Assistance is intended to help and not to take away from our need to be self-supporting at all levels. The Travel Assistance is not meant to replace Group or District support.

The Travel Assistance will be made available to any voting member representing a District (District Committee Member or Alternate DCM) or Group (General Service Representative or Alternate GSR) in any district in Area 78 and the assistance is only available by submitting a Travel Assistance Application

The amount of $250.00 per application will be available for the Area 78 Committee Meetings (in January and May of each year) and the Pre Conference Assembly (every March) or for the Fall Assembly (every September)

 The application form (click here to download ) must be submitted to the Area 78 Treasurer no later than 3 weeks before an Area Committee Meeting (ACM) or Assembly.

  •  This timeline gives the applying GSRs or DCMs the maximum amount of time to make cost-effective travel arrangements for the ACM or Assembly that they are planning to attend.

 District Committee Members or their Alternates may apply for assistance to attend Area 78 Committee Meeting or Assemblies, but not all.   General Service Representatives or their Alternates may apply for assistance to travel to Assemblies, but not all.   Districts applying for a second travel assistance in a calendar year will be considered ONLY after all other requests have been considered.

  •  All applications will be reviewed, approved/disapproved by the Finance Committee -  consisting of the Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Past Delegate, Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  Notification to the GSR or DCM will be made as quickly as possible by the Treasurer.

The following criteria will be used by the Finance Committee:

  1. Districts/Groups must show a demonstrated need for the travel assistance. The budget (see application form) must show that the District/Groups are attempting to contribute to the DCM/GSR travel. If there is little or no contribution by the District/Group, please attach a note explaining the circumstances.
  2. Every effort will be made to assist all applicants in whatever way possible, even if direct financial assistance is not available (i.e. billeting, carpooling, etc.).
  3. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement to the Treasurer after the event.