Current Officer: Lynn C.

What is the Treasurer?

Keeps financial records for the Area and reports regularly to the Assembly. In most cases, the Treasurer is responsible for encouraging contribution support for Area and GSO Services.

Should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety. Should be organized enough to keep good records, and some accounting or bookkeeping experience is useful. Otherwise, the person may need some help in setting up a system, and possibly some clerical assistance. Persuasiveness, firmness and diplomacy will help the Treasurer do the job.

  • Co-chairs the Finance Committee with the Area Chair. The six Area 78 Table Officers make up the composition of the Finance Committee.
  • The Treasurer analyzes, develops and proposes the budget. Handles the banking and chequing account reconciliation.
  • If the individual is going to continue to use the current software, it is suggested that they have computer skills.
  • Treasurer communicates with the Registrar before Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings regarding a float for registration. Brings float to Assemblies for dinner ticket sales.
  • Ensures all new line items to the budget be separately moved and presented to the full Assembly for approval before inclusion in each new budget.
  • The Treasurer will work to ensure that Area 78 maintain its goal of saving for a nine month Prudent Reserve.

The Treasurer officially rotates out after the final bank reconciliation statement has been received; therefore, the outgoing Treasurer continues to assist the incoming Treasurer with the upcoming budget.

Attends the November Transition Meeting with all documents from existing bank that will assist the incoming Treasurer with signing authority, and other related transition requirements.