Past Delegate

Current Officer: Tami L

What is a Past Delegate?

Responsible for the smooth running of Area Assemblies, consulting with the Committee before setting the date and time, making sure that all Groups are notified, consulting with Officers and Committee Members on the program and chairing the Assembly meetings. The Chairperson, more than any other Officer, keeps the Delegate informed about what is going on in the Area, and makes sure that Committee Members are aware of what goes on in World Services.

A solid period of sobriety (minimum three to five years), and experience in Group, Central Office, institutional, and/or Area affairs.

Needs a sound understanding and appreciation of the Steps, Traditions, and the Concepts, along with a good fund of experience gained through applying these guides successfully to local problems. Communication skills, leadership qualities, and sensitivity to the wishes of the Local Area are also important.

  • Prepares agendas for January & May Area Committee Meetings and the March & September Area Assemblies. The current practice is having the ACMs and Assemblies in the third weekend of the month. Coordinate mail-outs with the Area Secretary leaving ample time for all groups in the Area to plan to attend.
  • Negotiates and books hotel arrangements for the above Area activities.
  • Contacts a fellow member to coordinate our September election and also invites fellowship speakers.
  • Books room reservations for Table and Committee Officers and sponsored guests.
  • Attends Western Canada Area Assemblies, Forum and WRAASA service functions.
  • When required, carries out the business of Area 78 between set Area meetings.
  • Co-chairs the Area Finance Committee.
  • Coordinates, chairs and attends a Transition Meeting following the Election Assembly for the incoming and outgoing Area Committee Officers.
  • Is available to travel within Area 78 to facilitate workshops, inventories and other Group and District requests.