What is the Area delegate?

It is the Delegate’s responsibility to serve worldwide AA. As voting members of the General Service Conference, Delegates bring to the deliberations the experiences and the viewpoints of their own Areas. Yet they are not representatives of their Areas in the usual political sense; after hearing all points of view and becoming fully informed during Conference discussion, they vote in the best interests of AA as a whole.

A solid period of sobriety (minimum five to six years), and experience in Group and Area affairs. Must have previously served as a District Committee Member and needs a sound understanding and appreciation of the Steps, Traditions, and the Concepts, along with a good fund of experience gained through applying these guides successfully to local problems. Communication skills, leadership qualities, and sensitivity to the wishes of the local Area are also important. The Area Delegate must be able to travel to the General Service Conference (in the United States) and have time available to attend regional Service Assemblies and Forums and other functions at the request of local Groups and Districts.

  • Attend the annual General Service Conference fully prepared.
  • Communicate the actions of the Conference to Area Committee Members and encourage them to pass on this information.
  • Be prepared to attend all Area, Provincial and Regional Service Meetings and Assemblies. From these meetings, Delegates gain a better working knowledge of the whole of AA and can be better prepared for the Conference.
  • Help Area Committee obtain financial support for the Area and General Service Office.
  • Provide leadership in solving local problems involving the AA Traditions.
  • Remind General Service Representatives to inform Groups and individuals about the AA Grapevine and Conference Approved Literature.
  • Cooperate with GSO and with Area Committees—for example, making sure that up-to-date information reaches GSO in time for each issue of the Canadian AA directory and helping carry out the triennial Membership Surveys.
  • Visit Groups and Districts in the Area whenever possible.
  • Work closely with Committee Members and Officers sharing experience throughout the year.
  • Assume added responsibility if the Area Chair and Alternate Chair are unable to serve. Or, if an Area Committee is not functioning effectively, the Delegate can take an active role in remedying the situation.
  • Keep the Alternate Delegate fully informed and active, so that the Alternate can replace the Delegate in an emergency.
  • Late in the second term, work with the newly elected Delegate to pass along a basic knowledge of Conference proceedings and problems.
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