Spirit of the North

WHEN:   Every Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday Night

TIME:     Monday (big book study) 7:00 PM Mountain Time; Sunday and Wednesday 7:00 PM Mountain Time


From a Computer/Laptop/Tablet:       

  • Download Zoom (Zoom.us – The Cloud Meeting)
  • Dark grey area at the bottom of the page
  • Computer must have camera and microphone

From a Smartphone/iPad:

  • Download Zoom App

Download Zoom

Click on button to navigate to Download Page
Download Zoom

Click: Join Meeting

Enter PMI (Personal Meeting ID): 942-603-2414

Enter Passcode: billw

These are Open meetings, particularly for those who cannot make it to a face to face meeting. We are here to help and especially welcome those located in remote areas, newcomers and also those who have limited accessibility and special needs.

Please note: This is a call-in number for Alberta: Dial (587)328-1099; the Canadian call-in number for outside Alberta is 1 (647)558-0588; if you choose to attend this meeting by telephone you will be asked for the meeting ID number which is the PMI above.  You will then be asked to enter a passcode, which is 356012. Long distance charges may apply if you are from outside our area.

The maximum number of participants is 100. If you are not able to get onto the meeting, please send an email to us through this link here.

The Area 78 Remote Communities Committee is committed to carrying the A.A. message of Recovery, Unity and Service to the suffering alcoholic in communities that are remote in terms of geography, language and culture.

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