2024, Delegate's Corner

March 2024

Hello fellow members seeking to be of joyful service to our program of miracles! Well, all the Background Information for the Pre-Conference Assembly has been sent out to the 93 Delegates and now we all prepare our Area’s to take part in the amazing process of how we communicate our wishes and ideas to the fellowship as a whole!

In the pamphlet the Home Group there is a beautiful line “By helping to insure the sobriety of others yet to come, we insure our own sobriety today!” The home group insures the sobriety of those yet to come by participating in the service Structure.

Simple like that!

The Pre-Conference Assembly will be held this year in Calgary March 15-17. This is where the Group Service Reps take part in discussion of the Agenda Items to inform me, your Delegate, of your voice and the direction you believe we need to take to keep our structure strong, healthy and united.

Anyone can attend and everyone gets to participate as sense of the room votes are taken. Your voice is needed in this process!

The Pre-Conference Assembly is the structure ratified 74 years ago as Bill and Bob gave us the responsibility of protecting our solution. This year, on Panel 74, there are 83 Agenda Items to discuss. The work is broken down into the 10 committee’s and the chairs of these committees will lead all those who participate in seeing all the background information so that each of those committees can make informed decisions.

When you register at the Assembly you will be assigned a committee to sit on. If you would like to know which committee you get to sit on earlier than March 15, please email our Registrar and he will let you know which committee you are assigned to.  The background information has been put on our area78.org website if you would like to take a look! Please do! It is fascinating!

I’ll give you a wee sample of some of the Agenda Items that will be discussed over the course of the weekend. Public Information at the committee level looks at Analytics, at where your contribution is being spent as we inform those yet to come. Suggestions and ideas on how we can better do this are being asked for. Good ideas can come from anywhere!

One of the committees will be looking at the background information on the ongoing discussion about changing our founders writings. Your voice is really important here, how do you feel? The Assembly is an awesome place for our loving God to express himself through our collective consciousness. Don’t miss out on being a part of our future.

Another Agenda item is to discuss the idea of developing new pamphlets for minority’s in AA, for example, the unhoused, the transgender, the Asian population. Looking at the whole idea of inclusiveness, we want those who think they are different to be able to find us open and welcoming. But how do we do that? Again good ideas can come from anywhere and perhaps your experience can guide us.

We will be looking at the GSO budget and how to develop supplemental reporting focused on the actual and evolving costs of the services our General Service Office provides. For example, exploring ways that the Grapevine and La Vina can be sustainable.

This is just a taste, there is something for everyone for sure! So plan to attend. Saturday night there is a banquet and speaker from Panel 46, Area 91. Wendy Z is a powerhouse of experience and strength in our service structure and without doubt, further inspiring you to take part with enthusiasm and light.

Please take part in the Sharing Question portion by answering the following four questions. You can send your answers to me or Dave your Alternate Delegate and we will compile the answers for inclusion in the minutes of this Pre-Conference Assembly.

This will be all of Panel 74’s first time being together, our first Assembly on our two year rotation. I look forward to meeting you all there, please come up and introduce yourself to me.

Sharing Questions:

  1. What is an Agenda Item? Does your group understand what an agenda item is? How can you inform yourself and them?
  2. If you or your group had an opinion, thought or idea, describe the pathway for it to become a future Agenda item. (pg 164 of Service Manual)
  3. Does our Group, District, Area and General Service Office have a Prudent reserve? Why is it necessary to have a Prudent Reserve?
  4. Does your group have a budget that includes supporting the Service Structure of Alcoholics Anonymous?