Delegate’s Corner

March 2024

Hello fellow members seeking to be of joyful service to our program of miricles! Well, all the Background Information for the Pre-Conference Assembly has been sent out to the 93 Delegates and now we all prepare our Area’s to take part in the amazing process of how we communicate our wishes and ideas to the fellowship as a whole!

In the pamphlet the Home Group there is a beautiful line “By helping to insure the sobriety of others yet to come, we insure our own sobriety today!” The home group insures the sobriety of those yet to come by participating in the service Structure.

Simple like that!

The Pre-Conference Assembly will be held this year in Calgary March 15-17. This is where the Group Service Reps take part in discussion of the Agenda Items to inform me, your Delegate, of your voice and the direction you believe we need to take to keep our structure strong, healthy and united.

Anyone can attend and everyone gets to participate as sense of the room votes are taken. Your voice is needed in this process!

The Pre-Conference Assembly is the structure ratified 74 years ago as Bill and Bob gave us the responsibility of protecting our solution. This year, on Panel 74, there are 83 Agenda Items to discuss. The work is broken down into the 10 committee’s and the chairs of these committees will lead all those who participate in seeing all the background information so that each of those committees can make informed decisions.

When you register at the Assembly you will be assigned a committee to sit on. If you would like to know which committee you get to sit on earlier than March 15, please email our Registrar and he will let you know which committee you are assigned to.  The background information has been put on our website if you would like to take a look! Please do! It is fascinating!

I’ll give you a wee sample of some of the Agenda Items that will be discussed over the course of the weekend. Public Information at the committee level looks at Analytics, at where your contribution is being spent as we inform those yet to come. Suggestions and ideas on how we can better do this are being asked for. Good ideas can come from anywhere!

One of the committees will be looking at the background information on the ongoing discussion about changing our founders writings. Your voice is really important here, how do you feel? The Assembly is an awesome place for our loving God to express himself through our collective consciousness. Don’t miss out on being a part of our future.

Another Agenda item is to discuss the idea of developing new pamphlets for minority’s in AA, for example, the unhoused, the transgender, the Asian population. Looking at the whole idea of inclusiveness, we want those who think they are different to be able to find us open and welcoming. But how do we do that? Again good ideas can come from anywhere and perhaps your experience can guide us.

We will be looking at the GSO budget and how to develop supplemental reporting focused on the actual and evolving costs of the services our General Service Office provides. For example, exploring ways that the Grapevine and La Vina can be sustainable.

This is just a taste, there is something for everyone for sure! So plan to attend. Saturday night there is a banquet and speaker from Panel 46, Area 91. Wendy Z is a powerhouse of experience and strength in our service structure and without doubt, further inspiring you to take part with enthusiasm and light.

Please take part in the Sharing Question portion by answering the following four questions. You can send your answers to me or Dave your Alternate Delegate and we will compile the answers for inclusion in the minutes of this Pre-Conference Assembly.

This will be all of Panel 74’s first time being together, our first Assembly on our two year rotation. I look forward to meeting you all there, please come up and introduce yourself to me.

Sharing Questions:

  1. What is an Agenda Item? Does your group understand what an agenda item is? How can you inform yourself and them?
  2. If you or your group had an opinion, thought or idea, describe the pathway for it to become a future Agenda item. (pg 164 of Service Manual)
  3. Does our Group, District, Area and General Service Office have a Prudent reserve? Why is it necessary to have a Prudent Reserve?
  4. Does your group have a budget that includes supporting the Service Structure of Alcoholics Anonymous?

February 2024

Hello Area 78! I’m hoping with all the cold we had recently that you found lots of warm hearts!

I sure did when got to attend the Area 78 Committee Meeting (ACM) January 19th and 20th in Stettler, Alberta.  Thank you District 19 for looking after us so very well! There were 24 District Committee members from around our Area in attendance as well as some GSR’s and Visitors.

Area 78 is the biggest Geographical Area in the US/Canada Conference, stretching all the way across Alberta, the northeastern and southeastern corners of BC, all of the North West Territories and the western part of Nunavut as well as Maidstone Saskatchewan! Your District Committee Members, the Table officer and Committee Chairs worked on fostering leadership and creating unity, the room was buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement. It is a humbling and beautiful process the way we communicate our three legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.  Trusting and engaging with the membership who love AA so much they are willing to give freely of their time to keep our service structure healthy for those yet to come. Warms my heart so much my eyes water!

Why do we even have a Service Structure? Simply to protect our Big Book. We have a solution that really works. This is why we let our names stand for the rotation of service. It’s not a vocation, it’s a giving back time and we all take our turn. Love in action!

The Trustees Literature Committee at GSO is seeking our thoughts, opinions and solutions regarding if we should or should not and if so how to change our Founders Writings. Please mark your calendar for February 17 from 1-2:30 for an on line opportunity to voice your opinion. There is a poster on the website with the zoom address.

I mentioned in my last chat that I was appointed to two committees, Public Information and the International Convention/Regional Forum committees. There is humility in being appointed, in discovery and asking for help, it builds the “we” instead of “me” and brings about the opportunity to practice trusting God, the process, open-mindedness and acceptance. Powerful stuff! The 24 DCM’s that were present in Stettler picked from a hat a number that represented the 10 committees, random appointment. Their first assignment was to go meet their committee chairs. Magical!

If you are an acting DCM or GSR and would like to get your committee assignment before the Pre-Conference Assembly March 15-17,  please email or you can just wait till you register and be assigned at that time.

We listened to the reports of the Table Officers, fostering leadership and inclusiveness. Then the Committee Chairs got the opportunity to talk about the service roles they were assigned in September. The DCM’s had a couple of sessions to talk about joys, concerns and ideas that they can implement over the next two years. Bringing awareness and inclusion to their
Districts and General Service Reps.

The agenda Items will be coming out at the End of February and will be posted on the Area website just prior to the March Pre-Conference Assembly likely March 11. You will be able to go take a look at the Agenda items to familiarize yourself on what will be discussed at our Assembly, informing me, to carry your voices to New York.

The Meeting Guide App, is mostly used for finding a meeting near you, but click on “news” and you will find a bunch of updates and information about what is happing at your General Service Office. Take a look and stay informed!

Young People in AA bring so much to our structure and meet up across the world. This summer is the 64th ICYPAA (International Convention for Young People in AA) will be happening in Austin Texas! Details on the website.

We want our Area 78 Young people to get a committee together to report at our Area 78 Assemblies! Your excitement for sobriety and zest for life can add to the fire of enthusiasm! Please contact me!

Starting at 7 PM MST, Mondays Feb 5- May 6  an on-line Concepts study hosted by Carolyn W starts, I’ve been taking part in her Service Manual Study since September, its very interesting and fun. Meeting address is 87083768965 password 414768.

The Grapevine is not only our meeting in print anymore, now with downloading the Grapevine App there is a whole bunch of interactive and audio opportunities, on my way home from the ACM I listened to a few Pod-casts, informative and fun!

In Love and grateful Service,

Karen OC
Area 78 Panel 74 Delegate


February 17 – 1-2:30 Our Founders Writings Open Discussion

hosted by Vera F Trustees Literature Committee.

March 15-17  Area Pre-Conference Assembly – Calgary

May 24 – 25 Area 78 Committee Meeting – Yellowknife

January 2024

Hello Area 78!

Happy New Years to you all! May you find Joy in the Journey!

I am so excited to begin my two year rotation as your Panel 74 Delegate! This is a big honour and privilege so I will do my very best to carry your voices and to bring information to you as I possibly can.

Please make sure you send your Group Service Rep and District Committee Chairs to the Area Assembly’s and Area Committee Meetings so that we can be connected and I can hear your voice! You can also reach me through the Area 78 webpage! or

I just re-read AA Comes of Age to rediscover our remarkable collective history. Bill and Bob, a couple of drunks just like you or me, found sobriety by simply helping each other stay sober. So began our legacy; one drunk helping another. Our founders wrote the 12 Steps to help with carrying that message and to share with others how to get sober! My goodness – it grew! Soon there were 100 members and so a book was written, and in just 3 years afterwards our membership had expanded to 8000! A foundation was established in an office to answer the calls for help. Traditions were hammered out on the experiences of us hot heads and egomaniacs!

Then Bob got sick and our founders realized they would need a way to keep this thing growing for those yet to come. Discussions began and in 1950 a trial run started to give the responsibility of our program to us!

Insight and wisdom prevailed and the Foundation became the General Service Board. Regional delegates and Trustees both alcoholic and non-alcoholic were elected to serve the Fellowship in two or four year terms! So on July 3 1955, at 4 PM the three Legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service were turned over to you and me! That was 74 years ago!

By 1957 Great Britain, Ireland and Australia had their own General Service Boards growing AA’s message of recovery consistently over the world!  They too elect a GSR to attend Area Assemblies to give their Delegates their voice to carry!

All I can say is AMAZING! We are so blessed to be a part of this!

There was foresight and wisdom with Spirit of Rotation! All service positions are elected only as term positions with a limit of the amount of time a person can serve. Generally two years. This protects us from becoming entrenched in politics and popularity contests.

Best of all the groups lead. You lead this thing. Ensure that your group has a GSR so that your voice is heard. Your group pays the cost for their elected member to attend the Area Assemblies twice a year to carry the groups voice to the Delegate and then bring back the information of what’s going on in AA. Ensure your GSR has time during your business meeting to share the enthusiasm of what was learned and so this is how we are connected to AA world wide!

The Agenda Items will be coming out the end of February for our March Pre-Conference Assembly (March 15, 16 and 17) and right now it’s quite interesting as a fifth Edition is being finalized for distribution in 2025. Another Agenda Item is in answer to a request sent in by a member in 2017 to look at making a piece of literature that will help make our Big Book more accessible to those who struggle with a variety of reasons to comprehend our Beloved Big Book. What has grown from that request is a book like Came to Believe or Living Sober that I will get the chance to review and vote on. Please let me know your thoughts on this! I put on the area 78 website the presentation from an online forum December 2. It’s called Plain Language, take a look so you can be informed.

I’ve been busy already being of service when requested. Tami and I did a Unity workshop. I attended a few on line sessions for example a Remote Communities workshop that was so informative! Gosh the struggles some members have! Far away, or incarcerated or that they do not speak English. Or their culture actually makes it not only illegal to drink but then oddly enough – illegal to get sober! Imagine that!

I look forward to my term as your Delegate, I have been appointed to sit on two committees, Public Information and International Convention and Regional Forum’s. I will be Delegate for the 2025 International Convention!

In Love and Grateful Service to you all,

Karen OC,

December 2023

As Panel 72 bids a fond farewell, I reflect on the last two years.  The dedication, passion and kindness from our A.A. community warmed our hearts.  To the incoming DCMs (District Committee Members), GSRs (General Service Reps) and Committee members of all kinds, I want to tell you how this journey can fill you with the most amazing relationships and experiences.  These bonds you will mold you. Embrace it all – the gentle and harsh – as a Higher Power builds you into who you can BE.

I invite every member to join a Committee that feeds your soul.  Something that allows you to give something of you back.  It’s where you will find your closest ‘peeps’ and touch hearts.  You will not see it until you look back, or share the journey with others.  I urge you to never quit through a rotation.  Just a little secret here – there was never a position I didn’t want to quit part way through and I did one time.  Quitting did not serve me, I stayed the same.  Working through the challenges of time constraints, balancing life, work and AA, that difficult personality – mine, and my own insecurities – is what changed me.  My HP grew me a backbone these last two years, while getting me ready the years before.  Miracles happen here and its through our adversities we grow.  Tough? Hell, yeah! Discouraging? Often.  Cried?  Buckets! Angry at times? Very!  I’ve lost sleep, couldn’t eat, sometimes I couldn’t breathe. Yet, here I am, more centered, clearer on ALL our Principles.  Full of more tolerance, patience, and love because of the experiences, not in spite of them.

I’m sad to be moving out of touch with you. Each of you, whether we met or not, you touched me directly or through someone I did meet.  You, my friend, are a special light that shines in this darkness of alcoholism.  We are the Big Book personified.  What do people see when they see us?

One of the most loving books from our stacks of A.A. literature is, “AA Comes of Age”. The endearing journey of Bill W and Dr. Bob as they unfolded this program through the challenges of giving the members the responsibility of directing A.A. as a whole   It touched my soul and left me so grateful to be part of your community.   There are a million things I wish I could leave with you. Thoughts, ideas, great things I’ve heard or learned about A.A..  But how can I share it all, when it truly is the experience itself of serving that I want to cut out of me to give to you. Go with goodness and grace.  Be part of the bigger solution and never allow any person, place, thing, or situation push you out.  Be your own advocate because god is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.  Be well.  Thank you for this gift.  I owe you big time! And love you all!

Many Blessings,


Your outgoing Panel 72 Delegate 💜
PS: remember to check out’s new and website / events for action in your area!


  • Membership Survey: Will be seeing the results the first quarter of 2024.
  • Grapevine App is available now – download from your APP store.
  • Meeting App – It is critical to ensure your meetings are listed on the websites correctly – because this is where the information for the Meeting App is sourced. Please check all websites you may be listed (local, city, intergroup, and Area)
  • The General Service Board (GSB) Inventory is progressing.
  • General Service Conference Inventory is progressing
  • Pamphlet, A.A. for the Native North American is still searching for stories to include in the updated version.  The new deadline for story submission is Dec 31st, 2023.
  • Speakers for Area 78 SOTN (Spirit of the North) ID: 942 603 2414 pc:  billw
    4th Sunday of every month at 7:00 pm mst.
    • Sun, Dec. 24 – Rio D., Area 79 Delegate, BC/Yukon
    • Sun, Jan. 28 – Janet F. Area 23 P72 Delegate, Indiana
    • Sun, Feb. 25 – Trish L – Past Trustee at Large Canada
    • Sun, Mar. 24 – Irma V – Current Western Canada Regional Trustee
    • Join us every Sunday and Wednesday with a Big Book Study every Monday!

November 2023

Winter came quickly upon us.  Like the hibernating animals of the forest, this is the opportune time for reflection on our recovery, physically and emotionally.  When reviewing our day we learn from our Twelve Concepts of World Service, found in the last section of the Service Manual, that we may be further transformed.  We uncover the importance our voice, sharing leadership strengths, and to truly hold space for others in their evolution. Let us not miss the genius of our 3rd Legacy revealed in these 12 principles.   Let us take these into our personal reflection with steps 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12.  Apply them in our daily lives and in our group, district, area, or committee work.   Be amazed as our belief systems morph and change.

Both Mike M, Alternate Delegate, and I attended the Area 80 assembly in Winnipeg Oct 8 – 10.  They mentioned the Officers sitting at the “Foot table” rather than a Head Table lol.   Also, I received an email letting me know I am now serving on the Conference Inventory AdHoc Committee for the G.S.B. 


§  Plain & Simple Language Big Book translation online session with Clint M, AdHoc Chair
Saturday, December 2, 2023          10:00 am – noon MST       ID:  708 555 5414               pc: area78

§  Remote Communities Forum
Sunday, December 3, 2023             12:00 pm – 3:00 MST        ID: 8184471 6180               pc: 1935

§  Membership Survey Notice from the G.S.O. :   “We are still working on building the website… Once they are all ready, the work on the website can be completed.  After the website launches, we will bring the pamphlet to the AAWS board meeting (October) for final approval and pricing.  We should see these in the first quarter of 2024.”

§  Grapevine App is quickly becoming a member favorite.  Can download from any APP store.

§  Meeting App – It is critical your meetings are listed on the websites correctly (city, intergroup, and Area) – this is where the Meeting App sourced their information.  Please check/verify.

§  The General Service Board (GSB) Inventory is still in process.  The selection of additional questions, discussed at the October Board Meeting will make the final question list complete.

§  A.A. for the Native North American Pamphlet still needs stories to include in the updated version.  The new deadline for story submission is Dec 31st, 2023.

§  Pieces of Area 78 Archivist Report, Regan M: Just a quick report to let you know what has transpired since Red Deer!  The Archives collection was packed, then transported to Edmonton, with the enormous task of putting together the industrial shelving in both units at Henday Self Storage.  Computer, monitor, speakers, camera, and printer/scanner/copiers are all set up.

§  Grapevine Project – are there health providers willing to receive a free subscription?

§  Speakers for Area 78 SOTN (Spirit of the North) meeting      ID: 942 603 2414                pc:  billw

o    November 26 @ 7:00 pm (mst) – Ken T., Area 47 Delegate, South New Jersey

o    December 24 @ 7:00 pm (mst) – Rio D., Area 79 Delegate, BC/Yukon

o    Join us every Sunday and Wednesday and a Big Book Study every Monday! 


As we trudge the road of happy destiny my fellow members, you are a blessing.  May we give a moment to remember those who went before us when we pause on Nov 11th for our soldiers.  

Serving as your P72 Delegate, with much Love, Tami 💜

PS: remember to check out’s new and website / events for action in your area!

October 2023

“Alcoholics Anonymous was nurtured in its early days around a kitchen table … True, we have progressed materially to better furniture and more comfortable surroundings. Yet the kitchen table must ever be appropriate for us. It is the perfect symbol of simplicity.”  ~AA Co-Founder, Dr. Bob, September 1948, “The Fundamentals in Retrospect”, Spiritual Awakenings: Journeys of the Spirit

As the days get shorter and the mornings chillier, sitting around a kitchen table with our AA friends replaces the summer fellowship around the campfires.  The more we gather, the more we learn and grow in love and tolerance.  The magic of our unity evolves organically, usually without us even knowing what’s happening.

Autumn brings us to our Assembly time as well.  Being an even-numbered panel (2-year term) the elections for Groups, Districts and our Area are happening all around us.  I encourage one and all to step into the light of service.  None of us are prepared for the job, but a wise person once said, “God does not choose the qualified; God qualifies the chosen.”  Be brave! You’ll be amazed. (I promise)

Congratulations to all the new Group GSRs (General Service Reps) and DCMs (District Committee Members), to our newly appointed Committee Chairs (10 Committees + a new Archivist) and to our recently elected Table Officers.  The Area Assembly was full of great sharing/reporting, ideas, discussions, and man, those elections were very educational with so many positions going right through the Third Legacy election process, decided by one of two names being drawn from a hat.  A special ‘thank-you’ goes out to those loving members who thoughtfully raised their hand to serve, without being selected.  This can hurt the heart while it reveals even more, how anonymity truly is our spiritual principle. Being willing to serve, in whatever capacity our HP guides us to. We love you all!

Many thanks to all the trusted servants and visitors who suited up and showed up in Red Deer!  I would have to look through our past assembly minutes to see when last we had 200 attendees at the fall assembly.   At my first assembly (I think a fall one), there were over 300 people.  Let us keep putting one foot in front of the other so more members discover their joy in the 4th dimension as they live within the three legacies – recovery, unity and service.  I shall be seeing more of you in the coming months at your exciting and loving events.

As we trudge the road of happy destiny my fellow members, you are blessed with a strong leadership in this panel.  As always, the leadership directed by Concept 9 does so with great respect to always remain democratic in thought and action.

Serving you with much Love,


Your Delegate 💜

PS: remember to check out’s new and website for action in your area!

September 2023  

Our Traditions and Concepts can be our guide!

It’s that time…for Area 78, and many of our Groups and Districts, to elect our new trusted servants: 

For groups, it means electing a GSR (General Service Rep) along with other important positions with the group.  For District, it means choosing a DCM (District Committee Chair) and other positions for the District. 

All members are welcome to come to the Area 78 Assembly in Red Deer on September 15 – 17. We will be attending to business, finding out what happened at the 73rd G.S.C. (General Service Conference), and electing five of the six Table Officers: Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  The past delegate position is automatic. From current and past DCMs who apply, these folks with the past table officers, will select the 10 Chairs for the Committees: Archives, Cooperating with the Professional Community (CPC), Corrections, E-Services, Grapevine, Group Records/Registrar, Literature, Public Information (PI), Remote Communities (RC), and Treatment/Accessibilities (TA).  The DCMs (District Committee Members) elected by their GSRs and the GSRs (General Service Representatives) elected by their members will make up your Area 78 trusted servants for Panel 74.

Each panel serves for 2 years.  Panel 74 is the 74th year since this structure was adopted by the Fellowship in 1950 (1950 + 72 = 2024). Everyone elected to a role now as a GSR, DCM, or ACO (Area Table Officers and Committee Chairs) serve from January 1st, 2024 to December 31st, 2025, giving a bit of time for the transition of leadership. Outgoing and incoming Area officers will do a transition meeting in November. 

Our area is one of 93 Areas in our Canada/US Conference.  The word ‘conference’ refers to our entire Canada/US Membership in the A.A. Service Structure.  Through all these roles in all these areas, information is gathered and shared so informed decisions can be made for A.A. as a whole.

The 93 areas are split into two groups, each serving a 2-year term. We have ‘even-numbered-panels’ and ‘odd-numbered-panels’.  We are always start our term in an even-numbered-panel.  Every year at the conference meeting in NY half the delegates coming are fairly new in their positions.  

This Principle of Rotation (AA Service Manual p.107, the AA Group pamphlet, Tradition II, Concepts IX, XI and XII) is a structural anomaly and is ingenious! It provides layers of change personally and organizationally.  It builds confidence and leadership in our spiritual development, forcing us to delve deeper into using ALL our principles. It evolves Alcoholics Anonymous with new solutions, diversity, and opportunity for growth.

I am aware there are folks who believe this type of service is not for them.  I truly appreciate all the ways members give back for it takes a village. I am also aware some see this as the “politics” of AA.  In my experience, I see behaviours that look political.  But we have a process that always offers a spiritual solution to our human actions. Sometimes, we must be patient as the process unfolds.  Very patient at times…. 

Although some groups do, in Alcoholics Anonymous we seldom nominate people to serve.  Instead, we ask them to be willing.  It is by carefully and thoughtfully allowing your hand to rise for service (perhaps with guidance from our service sponsor). It can be a hard thing to do and hard to know if we are ready.  Every position for us is new, challenging and one that takes us 2 years to learn! We sit with our HP, move as directed to raise our hand – with the most humility we can muster – to be willing to accept the outcome as guided by a Higher Power. 

In choosing our leadership, it is not by ‘what we should’ or by ‘popularity’ or by those who ‘grandstand’ – that’s political.  With our Higher Power we discern, get informed, listen to how people say what they say, and watch behaviours so we choose who we think could best serve.  It is by choosing someone who has what you want for yourself, your group, district, and area.  Choose carefully for these are your trusted servants.

What I notice most in our process of rotation, elections and serving, is how our program gives everyone an equal opportunity to deepen and enlarge their spiritual program.  It offers understanding and the gift as we apply all 36 principles found in our Three Legacies – Recovery with our 12 Steps, Unity in our 12 Traditions and Service through our 12 Concepts: all important parts of this life-saving fellowship. I invite you to get in the middle. As our Big Book says, “… obviously, you cannot transmit something you haven’t got. See to it that your relationship with Him is right and great events will come to pass for you and countless others. This is the Great Fact for us.”

Here to Love and Serve,


Your Delegate 💜

August 2023

Thank you for the invitations to share the longer, warmer summer days at campouts, roundups, workshops, seminars, unity and gratitude events, and to your in-person or online group meetings – all the things that extend the hand to our ever-evolving fellowship. During my travels I witness a Higher Power’s light shining in so many eyes because of what Alcoholics Anonymous does for them and for others. I’m overjoyed at the excitement of recovery, the real-ness and connection happening when members, groups, and districts share the secret ingredient of Service, our Third Legacy.

Oh, the wonder of paradoxes in our program. All these fantastic activities mix in with our continued challenges with other people, or perhaps our group, or district, maybe the area, or even with all things AA in New York. All this because we are spirits having a human experience!
This brings me to my noodling on Tradition Twelve … “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” What exactly is anonymity? How is it spiritual? How is anonymity connected to our personalities? Who’s personality anyways, theirs or mine? How does the spirituality of anonymity guide all our traditions, thereby serve as our very foundation?

Reading through the pamphlet “A.A. Tradition How it Developed” by Bill W., “A.A. Come of Age”, “Our Great Responsibility” and throughout our “Service Manual and Twelve Concepts of World Service” we find the answers. In short, ‘anonymity’ allows our pride and egoic instincts to become right sized so we may gain enough humility to truly serve humanity.

With our desired 12 Steps, the first legacy of recovery, anonymity can look like confidentiality, respect, hope, and safety when our inner world is falling apart. We come in suffering and get relief. From humiliation to becoming humble enough to be willing to change our thinking and actions. Then day by day, we stay sober. A miracle in the making.

In our needed 12 Traditions, our second legacy of unity, anonymity insists we put the group before what “I” want, think, or believe is right for others or the group. It cloaks itself in tolerance, open-mindedness, love, and acceptance so we can look past the problems to find the solution to any difficulty. These actions ensure the very existence and continuity of Alcoholics Anonymous, guaranteeing a place for us and for others to come to when their world is falling apart.

Through our beloved 12 Concepts, our third legacy of service a whole new world explodes into our hearts and actions. Our own sobriety is treasured, and we care so deeply for those who come into our program. They show us how God works in wonderous and mysterious ways. Anonymity asks us to sacrifice many comforts, extending ourselves to others in ways we had never known. This is where the rubber meets the road! Here we find the power and grace of Alcoholics Anonymous to live life on life’s terms in a principled, loving, accepting, kind-hearted manner. It is here we practice anonymity and humility, sometimes painfully, as we replace our instincts of our personalities with spiritual principles that build our character, and the character of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We do not do it merely for ourselves, but in the wise words of GSB Chairperson, Bernard Smith, in his 1954 talk: “We do need to ensure the recovery of the alcoholic who still stumbles in the darkness one short block from this room. We need it to ensure the recovery of a child being born tonight, destined for alcoholism. … to provide, in keeping with our Twelfth Step, a permanent haven for all alcoholics…. because we, more than all others, are conscious of the devastating effect of the human urge for power and prestige which we must ensure can never invade A.A…. to ensure A.A. against government, while insulating it against anarchy; … to protect A.A. against disintegration while preventing over integration. …. that is the ultimate repository of its Twelve Steps, its Twelve Traditions, and all of its services. (Full talk – 2021 Service Manual pg. 40)

In our world, we are not one individual acting out alcoholically, we are a spiritual program, uniquely (and successfully) reliant on “an ultimate authority – a loving God as he may express himself in our group conscience.” We grow to realize the paradox of challenges and grace as we humbly apply our 36 principles (12 steps, 12 traditions and 12 concepts) in all situations in our daily lives.

We have a few weeks before the Fall Assembly where we will elect the Table Officers and select the Committee Chairs for Panel 74. We hope everyone comes to Red Deer! Share your thoughts, ask your questions, and be fully enveloped in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Here to Love and Serve,


Your Delegate 💜

July 2023

Here we are welcoming summer… going to campouts, roundups, picnics in the park!! Hugging, laughing, enjoying sobriety. Together, such a wonderful gift within the gift.

I would like to thank all the members who are charged up about the conference report this year. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing the spark get lit for service. All because of your love and commitment to a program that saves lives. Learning more about the decisions being made for our fellowship through our unique structure asks us to grow beyond our wildest dreams.

How do we do that? How do we get rocketed into the 4th dimension? Simple -by our common solution – our Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity, and Service. Sobriety through the Steps, our first legacy, ‘Recovery’. We gain a fellowship that holds, loves, accepts, and nurtures us (as we do for others) is the second legacy of ‘Unity’ by applying our Traditions. Engaging the Concepts, giving back, celebrating our autonomy allows us to grow beyond our limitations, all thanks to the third legacy, ‘Service’.

We encourage you to welcome a turn at serving a rotation in the service structure. This is where we are built into our true selves. Sometimes people miss this treasure. The one truly within our souls.

Wishing you a very special journey of discovery as you raise your hand so a Loving Creator may guide your service. You will never regret the gifts, the growth and the grace.

Here to Love and Serve,


Your Delegate 💜

1. The results of all 73rd Conference Agenda Items will be on the Area 78 website shortly -see the Delegate’s Corner!!

2. The 2023 Remote Communities Communicator Newsletter is on our website! So Cool!

3. Some speakers you won’t want to miss are coming to the Spirit of the North Meetings on the 4th Sunday of each month. Zoom: 942 603 2414 pc: billw @ 7 pm.

4. Area Assembly:

a. September 15 – 17 in Red Deer

b. Elections for the next Area Table Officers and all the business of A78! Come one; Come all!

c. Plus, nominee selection for the Western Regional Trustee

5. Oodles of exciting activities around our Area

June 2023

Many thanks to all who attended the Pre-Conference Assembly in April.  It was great seeing so many members show up in Edmonton.  Three days after the Assembly, my sister from Regina and I were off to New York.

A few of the committee results from the 73rd General Service Conference are included here.  I invite you to hear the full details.  You could:

  • Have me share the Delegate Report at a meeting or event
  • Come to online report on June 17 (or 26
  • Attend the Assembly in Red Deer in Sept
  • Read the written report posted on the website (soon)

A full written report of the Conference, the list of Advisory Actions, and all Considerations put forward by each Committee at the Conference will be ready soon and will be on our website.  For today, this is a brief overview.

All AA members are invited to the online Delegate’s Corner for Q & A and discussion on A.A. Service, the General Service Conference, Service work, our GSO (General Service Office in NY), or whatever is ‘On Your Mind’   Click to  Join the Meeting

All Mondays in June from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, starting June 5, 2023.


Your Delegate 💜

PS:  If the above link doesn’t work, click here:

April 2023

It took me a long time to understand and fully appreciate the uniqueness and wholeness of our AA structure.  Many people have shared they feel the same.  I hope oodles of members come to the upcoming Area 78 Assembly being held at the Edmonton Inn on April 14 – 16 to learn lots more.  EVERYONE has a voice.  Join your favorite committee to share your thoughts.

Every year, all members are asked to look at the AA Annual Meeting (Conference) Agenda Items to:

a.     Review the work done over the year by GSO staff and Trustees.   

b.     Discuss certain topics needing more input from the membership.   

c.     Consider new requests sent by members, groups, districts, areas, or committees. 

Sample Agenda Items for members’ discussion & share at the Assembly’s Committee meeting:

All the following options for reviewing the Conference Agenda Items are on our website. Being confidential for AA members only, they are password protected:

  1. The Agenda Items: List of 85 Items on the Conference – asking for members’ input.
  2. Background information: lots of pages of all the background on each of the items – one document or individually by Committee (Agenda Items + Background).
  3. Summaries (Summaries): condensed summary of each agenda item by Committee.

Contact your DCM or Cliff H. for password to open the docs.

I can’t tell you what a feeling it is to understand our AA Structure and give your thoughts and direction for Alcoholics Anonymous in Canada/US.

Additionally, three letters were sent by the Acting Chair for the General Service Board (GSB) which I forwarded to our DCMs:

  1. Advising the resignation of the GSB Chair, at the request of the Board
  2. Advising the resignation of Josh E, Past Class B Trustee
  3. Advising an explanation on the request for the resignation of the GSB Chair.

Another letter was forwarded to DCMs from Josh E, Past Class B Trustee explaining his decision.

I do believe there will be some discussion at the 73rd General Service Conference on this matter.

All AA members are invited to the online Delegate’s Corner to learn about / discuss Agenda Items, or to ask questions about our structure or the Conference:  Click to  Join the Meeting

7:00 – 8:00 pm on March 28, April 4 & 11 And after the Conference: May 9, 16 & 23.

With Love and Service,


Your Delegate 💜

If the link doesn’t work, click here:

March 2023

Many thanks to all the wonderful folks who put on an amazing WRAASA (Western Region A.A. Service Assembly) Feb 24-26 in Edmonton. Members from Manitoba (Area 80), Saskatchewan (Area 91), BC (Area 79) and our own from Alberta, NWT, parts of BC, NV and SK (Area 78) came to share and learn more about our 3rd Legacy, Service. An inspiring and motivating time for ALL!

One of the displays by our Grapevine/LaViña, Committee Chair, Ed S. at WRAASA

Area 79 will be hosting our Regional Forum – May 2024 in Vernon, BC.

Come to meet the staff from your General Service Office and Boards. Learn more! Celebrate AA and recovery!

March and April are busy months for our PreConference Assembly – April 14 – 16, 2023 at the Edmonton Inn. The Assembly is when our Area’s membership gathers to discuss the upcoming agenda for all the ways our General Service office carry the message to address the agenda items.

The many Agenda Items are posted on the Area 78 website. I invite you to participate in the whole of AA. My role is to carry our members’ thoughts and wishes to the Conference.

There will be Delegate’s Corner offered online Wednesday, Mar 22 and Tuesdays Mar 7 – April 11 and May 9 – 23 @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm for any questions, comments, or discussions about the Agenda Items, the Conference, General Service, or about the Area.

Will be on zoom ID 708 555 5414 password: area78

Link: (Passcode: area78) With Love and Service,


Your Delegate 💜

February 2023

Oh, how brightly you shine!! Quick announcements (more at the end):

1. WRAASA (Western Region A.A. Service Assembly) is an entire weekend of inspiration and motivation
for ALL MEMBERS! See you there J
Feb 24-26, 2023, at the Edmonton Inn

2. Our Pre-Conference Assembly this year is April 14 – 16, 2023 at the Edmonton Inn.
a. Our ‘March’ Assembly is in APRIL
b. The membership is quickly gearing up to address the agenda items. What interests you??
c. Submitting an agenda item for the 2024 Conference is Sept 15th

We are one body and one mind moving toward solutions and unity within our Area 78 community. The only difference between you and me is our current role, merely a temporary one. You are wise in the ways of AA, in the ways of being sober and reaching out your hand. And you are here, reading this!

Together we do this work to keep A.A. alive and well.There are deepening levels of our evolution as we give of ourselves to others. In AA language, we
call this Service, and refer to it as our Third Legacy in our recovery journey. THIS is the work of ‘general service’. It IS the reason we have Districts and an Area.

Since the General Service structure started in 1951, YOU, the membership has been guiding and determining the direction of A.A. Many thought that having the membership make all the decisions wouldn’t work. But for the last 73 years it has been stupendous. Area 78’s first Delegate was George Dunaway. George served on Panel 2 for 1952 & 1953. Come be a part of history. There are deepening levels of our evolution as we give of ourselves to others.

Thank you for allowing me to serve. My understanding is clear that the Area Committee Officers are to take direction from you, the membership of Alcoholics Anonymous. Your thoughts come through your GSRs to your DCM, to the Area, and on to the Conference in NYC. None of us govern, but we are all leaders (refer to Concept 9), working together by sharing our experiences, our strengths, and much hope for one another. The Area’s job is like the Trustees and subsequently, the staff at the General Service Office, who take their direction from the Conference members’ advisory actions (decisions) and committee considerations (suggestions) and all the discussions that happen over the annual week-long meeting.

We rely on you to raise issues, open discussion, make suggestions or motions at your business, district, or Area meetings so we can all listen to the differing ideas that lead to the decisions. Then we get busy working on those solutions as our Area moves forward with our primary purpose,
while supporting one another with love, tolerance, kindness, and acceptance.

Why do we need a Conference?
Well, Bill Wilson’s dear friend and confident, Bernard Smith (fondly referred to as Bern), non-alcoholic, was our GSB Chair for many years. He was ‘a principal architect’ in creating our Conference Structure. He answered this question in his opening remarks at the 1954 meeting. An excerpt of it for today:

“…We need it to ensure that changes within A.A. come only as a response to the needs and the wants of all A.A., and not of only a few. We need it to ensure that the doors of the halls of A.A. never
have locks on them, so that all people for all time who have an alcoholic problem may enter these halls unasked and feel welcome. We need it to ensure that Alcoholics Anonymous never asks of anyone who needs us what his or her race is, what his or her creed is, what his or her social position is.” (Bern’s very moving, spiritual talk can be found in the Service Manual pg 40).

We are open to all who need and want us. This is true! So, I ask you, “Do we believe all who need and want to be sober ARE in our rooms? Could any be missing? Are we attractive, welcoming, inclusive, and available to those who may be missing – unsure, scared, or confused about us? With this in mind, we prepare for the 73rd General Service Conference.

An update on my activities: January was busy! I was flat out with Area meetings, ConferenceDelegate Chair meetings, Western Regional meetings including WRAASA, speaking at groups, districts and events, and lots of Conference preparations.

The dashboard, our conference communications tool, opened Jan 10th. Lots to ‘find’, then read! All the new Panel 73rd Delegates are elected. In our Western Canada Region, we have new Delegates Rio D, Area 79, BC/Yukon and Lori R, Area 91, SK. Honestly, ours is the best of all 8 regions.

January 26 – 31 has me in New York for the January Board Meetings. I had a challenge concerning the 1-year term as the Conference Delegate Chair. The past Delegate Chair (and the 4 before her) confirmed the term is Jan to Dec – made sense to me. However, conversations with the Trustees and GSO folks since August indicated they thought I knew things I didn’t and expected things I wasn’t to do yet. The term for Conference Committee Chairs, Trustees and Directors runs conference to conference (April to April). All will be corrected this year. Ben N, Alt Delegate Chair/Mailman and I will serve January to end of April. See! ‘STUFF’ happens everywhere. And just cuz it’s always been done that way, doesn’t mean it has to, or that it’s right. Ben and I will offer regular online Delegates-only discussion meetings till then.

I encourage all members to be part of the agenda discussions in your groups. Talk to your GSR or DCM to see about the committees and see where your heart lies in carrying the message to those who suffer. Which committee do you want to know more about? Make decisions for? Suggest materials about? Have an opinion about?

At the conference, 135 of us from all over Canada and US discuss these same items again to see what is best for AA as a whole body. You are welcome to come to the pre-conference Assembly April 14 – 16 at the Edmonton Inn. Join in the discussions, listen to other members from other districts across our Area share their thoughts and needs. Learn more and share your thoughts.

My role is to carry members’ thoughts to the Conference. I cannot if your voice is silent. Quick GSO update – check with your DCM for the detailed update from GSO – tons of stuff!!
– Contributions & literature sales were lower than expected/budgeted so redoing budget
– Jacketless Big Book is now being sold
– Mixed title ordering is continuing
– Box 4-5-9: picture of the White Bear meeting room in SK
– Online 7th Contributions to GSB – working on a solution to ensure groups are identified as
the contributor vs individual
– Sections of the Plain and Simple Language BB translation will be at the Conference to study
by voting members

With Love and Service,
Your Delegate 💜

January 2023

A new year dawns…yet, not so different than the day just before it 😂  Kinda like a birthday.  We don’t feel much different until in retrospect we see the growth, the overcoming of challenges and the gifts the year has offered.  Noodling about our upcoming ACM (Area Committee Meeting), I realized both alcoholism and recovery progress in a downward direction.  Alcoholism fueled by the ego and recovery fueled by our spirit.  One plummets us into self-centeredness while the other creates humility by serving others.  In a sense, we grow in being anonymous – of humbly doing from a place of grace.  The more we do, the more our Higher Power builds us into the person we can become if we are so bold as to abandon ourselves to this process.

The process is what our 73rd General Conference theme – “A.A.’s Three Legacies: Our Common Solution” – is all about.  It offers a focus for the year to reflect on how our three legacies are our common solution from a baffling, powerful and cunning disease.  I’ve often heard how our three legacies are like a three-legged stool.  If all legs are the same length, we are balanced.  If one is too long, we aren’t. If any are too short…same!  Before we can truly evolve, we must be sober.  Then, we need one another in a way to become, and stay connected. Then, we deepen into that humility, where our twelfth tradition bears its fruit where “anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.”

All four Area meetings each year are open to all members of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Although the DCMs &/or GSRs make up the Area Committee, all of us are invited to go, learn, share, enjoy and grow our personal program by ensuring A.A. is here for our future – for our children, grandbabies, family and all the friends we are yet to meet.

With love in the Spirit, 💜

Tami L.


  • Area Committee Meeting (ACM) on January 20 & 21, 2023 in Calgary. Please come!
  • Welcoming Susan G, newly appointed Treatment & Accessibilities Chair for the remaining of Panel 72
  • 72nd Conference Final Reports. Please note the reports are confidential because they are not anonymity protected.  Please shred if not wanted and please refrain from leaving it in any public spaces.  They are available at the Calgary & Edmonton Central Office and will also be available at the ACM in January.  Or you can contact me directly.
  • WRAASA (Western Regional AA Service Assembly) in Edmonton on February 24 – 26, 2023. Hope to see you there. To register
  • 7th Contributions report: in the 3rd quarter of 2022, 48 Groups (out of ~450) within 27 Districts contributed to our General Service Board. Many many thanks to those who were able to give.
    There were some contributions that didn’t have a group # associated but did say Area 78. If you need to find your Group #, please contact
    (PS: If it goes in without a group or area, it is included as an individual contribution – and  appreciated)

PPS:  News from our General Service Office (GSO)

And more….

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