Delegate’s Corner 2022

December 2022

At a District’s “For the Love of AA workshop” recently we explored the ‘who, what, where, why and how’ of giving back to our program and ways to carry the message. We looked at the benefits and opportunities that service gives us and will give to those yet to come. We discovered this is where we find joy and discover our own depth. In Bill’s own words, “I was soon to be catapulted into what I like to call the fourth dimension of existence. I was to know happiness, peace, and usefulness, in a way of life that is incredibly more wonderful as time passes.” This has been the experience of the thousands who devote themselves to all three legacies of our program. Being sober – merely the tip of the iceberg.

Attending a District Unity Night (and seeing the many groups and districts doing the same), it warmed my heart to see everyone coming together, listening to the many shares. We do more than deal with alcoholism. We truly grant a life like no other. It is safe to say, we receive a life we didn’t even know was waiting for us to join. A life uniquely evolving through our spiritual journey – day by day by day. Most of the time we don’t see our own development. But every time we help another, the magic shines. Each time we overcome our resentment, anger, pain or suffering, we increase our experience, gain in strength and eventually share that hope.

December wraps up a year that brought many challenges but carried more joys.  I hope this year closes for you with goodness and grace. And may the coming year bring deeper appreciation, awareness and growth. Wishing you, your family and friends a safe and loving holiday season.

With love in the Spirit,



  • 72nd Conference Final Reports Pick up your free copy at the Calgary or Edmonton Central Office or DCMs can contact me for someone in your District to collect them from my home (Calgary). Will also be available at the ACM in January
  • 2 New Groups in our Area!
  • Area Committee Meeting (ACM) on January 20 & 21, 2023 in Calgary
  • WRAASA (Western Regional AA Service Assembly) in Edmonton on February 24 – 26, 2023. Hope to see you there. To register
  • PLEASE update your meeting information with an email to 72@area78.orgor online fillable.pdf Let us all do our part to ensure a newcomer (or visiting member) always find us. Pass it on…thanks!
  • Workshops, speakers and assistance available to your groups and districts from any of our 16 Area Committee Officers – reach out to any of us, any A quick email to can help you make arrangements.

PPS: News from our General Service Office (GSO)

Box 2407

James A Farley Station New York, NY 10116-2407

or online:

November 2022

Many thanks to all interested in the Delegate Report, and about all the going-ons for the Delegate.  Getting to meet the membership in your home communities is truly my favorite part of this role.  I hope to be invited for a visit to every district within this term.  There’s only 13 months left, and more than half the districts to see, please email if you’d like a visit. Time is flying by.

It was also a pleasure attending the Area 79 (BC/Yukon) hybrid assembly in September (online), then off to Area 80 (Manitoba’s) hybrid in October (online).  Both Mike M and I attended the in-person Area 91 (Sask) election assembly.  So many of these folks are hoping/planning to attend the WRAASA (Western Regional AA Service Assembly) in Edmonton on February 24 – 26, 2023. Hope to see you there.  To register

True story I heard recently: “A newcomer, using the Meeting App, rode his bike to 5 meeting locations before he found one that was actually open.”

PLEASE update your meeting information with an email to or online Let us all do our part to ensure a newcomer (or visiting member) always find us.  Pass it on…thanks!

There are oodles of workshops, speakers, knowledge, and assistance available to your groups and districts from any of our 16 Area Committee Officers – reach out to any of us, any time.  A quick email to can help you make arrangements.

Good news about the 2022 membership survey!  It is all complete – now we wait for the results.  Of our 6 groups who were selected out of all of Canada / US, 4 groups participated.  Many thanks folks! 💕 Not sure when results will be posted for everyone to see what our membership looks like but pretty sure a report will be given at the 73rd Conference.

An AA book, that carries ‘the magic tool of understanding’ answers many questions about our program, our three legacies and brings so much meaning to how we ensure A.A. will be available for those who suffer … for that little soul born generations from now who may be afflicted with this disease.

Learn more at the A.A. Service manual workshop being offered by our much-loved Carolyn W. every Monday evening (except Oct 30) at 7pm. Details are not posted so just reach out and I will send them to you.


News from our General Service Office (GSO)


And more….


October 2022

Gotta say, had some highs and lows in September as Promises come true, and then life on life’s terms happens to happen.

We make the coolest friends in this program, like my BFF, Becky P. She decided to celebrate her birthday by falling out of a plane, so I did it with her! 🪂🪂 It was SOLID! Has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. (once is good ‘nough for us though) Who knows what the next adventure just might be Ooolala

The Fall Assembly was fantastic! A shout out to all who were able to come and especially to the groups who made it possible through their support and contributions. Some great discussions, and some good business done for the Area. Josh E – Class B Trustee for Grapevine/La Viña Inc. shared another miracle of recovery, then gave us insight into the the service within the Grapevine and how we can help. Good job, done by one and all! All tolled we had 156 members come out.

It was nice to share a bit about what I saw, heard, and felt in April at the Conference in NYC. Anyone interested in hearing what happens there, I would love to share the experience and outcomes with you,
your group, or your district. Just drop me an email

Conference Advisory Actions and Committee Considerations are on our website: /Information / Downloads / Delegate Reports / 2022 ( The digital, anonymity protected, Final Report was emailed out to all the DCMs and all the GSRs who attended the Assembly. The paper version will be out toward the end of the month. Copies will be distributed to the Edmonton and Calgary Central offices. Any DCMs wanting copies for their districts, or GSRs for their groups in outlying areas – email me pls.

Life on life’s terms….again. It was easier to fall out of a plane than to fall out of my truck. The day after the Assembly I went to the doctor to discover my wrist was fractured in 2 places. So an orange cast to
support Truth and Reconciliation in September.

A little note about our spiritual principles. Something we may want to discuss a little more these days, given social media, is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions – anonymity. I was noodling lately, wondering how anonymity is a ‘spiritual’ principle. I understand a guiding principle, something that tells me right from wrong. How would being anonymous actually be spiritual? I think we would agree that our sobriety is a gift. We reach and maintain our sobriety by getting and being humble. Where does this humbleness come from? It comes from being anonymous to the outside world and humbly unified in our inside AA world. If our anonymity is what keeps us humble and humility is what keeps us sober, then it most definitely is a spiritual foundation to this gift.

Wishing one and all a beautiful Thanksgiving as we have so much to be grateful for.


Yours in loving service,
Area 78 Delegate


  1. Membership survey is happening in the next month – 6 groups were selected from our Area; 3 are doing the survey.
  2. GSO is looking for stories for our “AA for the Older Alcoholic – Never Too Late” pamphlet stories from members who joined AA later in life. Please look to your members and send stories to: For more info:
  3. Requests still open for stories for the Big Book, 5th Edition. Click for details and what else is happening at GSO
  4. Our next Area event will be the Area Committee Meeting (ACM) on January 20-21, 2023, hosted by District 75 in Calgary. Stay tuned for details.
  5. WRAASA – Western Regional A.A. Service Assembly Feb 26 – 28 @ the Edmonton Inn Area 78 is hosting so see you there! EVERY member is welcome! You are encouraged to come, learn more about the Area, AA as a whole, make new friends and expand your program.
  6. Want ideas for inspiration, direction and increasing member participation? check out the Themes for WRAASA this year:

“A.A.’s Three Legacies — Our Common Solution”
“General Service — Our Mighty Purpose and Rhythm”
“Our Common Perils and Common Solution”
“Using A.A.’s Literature in Carrying the Message”
“Fostering a Thriving Three Legacy Culture”

❤ To make a Group/District or Individual Contribution to GSB (General Service Board):
By Mail – General Service Office, Post Office Box 2407, James A Farley Station, New York, NY 10116-2407
Online –

If you’re looking for support or information from GSO, the Staff Contact list is attached:

2022_10_Delegate'sCorner 3


September 2022

From September 16th – 18th our Area 78 Fall Assembly will take place in Calgary.

EVERY member is welcome! You are encouraged to come, learn more about the Area, AA as a whole, make
new friends and expand your program. You can join the Committee discussions to review agenda items
discussed at the Area pre-conference Assembly in March and again at the General Service Conference
in NYC, the end of April, which resulted in 35 Advisory Actions and 82 Committee Recommendations.
For an even deeper discussion about these agenda items, a DCM (District Committee Member) or GSR
(General Service Representative) could invite the Delegate (that’s me J) to share directly with
your members. (email You will find the list of Advisory Actions and
Considerations on our website: / Information / Downloads / Delegate Reports / 2022

My apologies for the delay. Much has happened and I found it very difficult to write this article.

Some members refer to AA service at the District, Area and Conference layers as, “The Politics of
AA”. That is sad. And I see their point. I don’t believe it’s accurate. From my observation and
experience, what challenges us most is conflict, or personalities, or both. I’ve seen it be the
cause for many new and long-time members to leave AA, often ending in the bottle.

Referring to Bill’s writings, we realize early on that he wrote from experience – facing
controversy, difference of opinions, personalities and conflict. Bill wrote extensively on the
challenges within the membership, leading to divinely inspired guidelines for open discussion with
democratic resolution through the larger, collective group conscience. When conflict arises, these
tools can be put into place to effectively create unity, principled response and corrective action.
When misused the absolute opposite occurs. Perhaps it comes from our huge love of Alcoholics
Anonymous that we believe that ‘only we’ are right. Yet, we are never requested to not question; we
are encouraged to question, while considering the whole of AA – the whole group, district, area,
conference or world of AA.

Unity in our fellowship is a cornerstone to our survival, both personally and as an organization.
However, so is conflict and personality differences. For this brings a balance of thought, respect
of our legacy and progressive growth, both intimately important to Bill and Dr. Bob. It gives us
practical application to evolve into the person (group, district, area, or conference) that our HP
is building us to be. In AA we must embrace the contradiction to reach unity, not divisiveness.

Life on life’s terms, resolution and evolution comes from how we do what we do. It’s not just the
tool we choose, it’s how we use that tool. First of all, are we active participants in A.A.? As a
member, GSR, DCM or ACO do we each inform and be informed? Is each voice expressed and heard? Do we
judge or criticize those who think differently? Are we misusing authority? Do we negate, demean, or
exclude others? Are we open minded? Do we exert undue influence? Do

we see controversy as disunity or an opportunity for growth and inclusiveness? Do we promote
“Love and tolerance of others our code” (BB pg 84)? Are we respectful, inclusive and kind?

Just some thoughts to noodle so we remove the image of politics. Let us meld Area and Conference
business discussions with our principles so we may lovingly, collectively, carry the message to
those who continue to suffer in and out of our rooms.
In love and service,
Serving you as your Area 78 Delegate
1. Area Assembly information:
2. GSO is looking for stories from members who joined AA later in life for our “AA for the Older
Alcoholic – Never Too Late” pamphlet. Please look to your members and send stories to: For more info:

3. Current happenings with GSO:
4. September 15th is the cut-off date for any member, group, district or area to submit a PAI (Proposed Agenda Item) to be considered in the 73rd Conference agenda. Here’s the form:
5. WRAASA – Western Regional A.A. Service Assembly – Area 78 is hosting this year in Edmonton on
Feb 26 – 28. Hope you’re planning to be there!


Yours in loving service,
Area 78 Delegate

June 2022

Time passes so quickly. After the ACM it was off to the Western Canada Regional Forum in Winnipeg.  (Our region has the smallest number of areas, but the largest land mass – BC/Yukon, AB/NT/NV, SK & MB).  I arrived home, switched my suitcase and was off to visit friends and members at the Didsbury campout on the Friday night, the wonderful celebration for Edmonton’s 75+2 anniversary on Saturday and Sunday found me with the fantastic District 40 group to share the Report about the Conference.  What an incredible weekend. Back home to Calgary and the chance to share the Delegate Report on the Conference with the lovely folks at the Calgary General Service Committee.  June was a whirlwind of 💕

At the Regional Forum it was great seeing new and familiar faces from our four areas, including quite a few from our own.  Although I had been to one before, this one seemed even more meaningful.  Irma V., our Western Regional Trustee chaired the weekend with lots of care. We had presentations about Safety, Inclusivity, Tradition 10 as it relates to Covid, and Virtual Sponsorship.  There were many interesting breakout workshops.  The large group workshop entitled, “Who is not in Our Rooms” was given by Area 79 Alternate Chair, Drew W.  It brought many of us to tears.  There is so much work for all of us to do. So much care for those who continue to suffer, yet don’t yet know or understand A.A. or feel intimidated to come in the rooms.  There was a panel of non-alcoholic Trustees – man, do they ever care about us and about A. A. We heard from the excitable Treasurer, the passionate Grapevine/LaViña Chair, our adorable General Service Board Chair and of course Bob W, GSO General Manager, who was full of fun, love and connection.  What a great weekend where we learned, cried, rejoiced, and celebrated recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.  I’d like to do a shout out to Area 80 for an outstanding job putting this on and to our GSO Regional Committee Coordinator, James H. who went above and beyond (again) to offer us this amazing experience.  A new General Service Office hire – Eileen A., Corrections Committee Coordinator – also came to Winnipeg.  Being her first Forum, she was told this would be the perfect way to start cuz Western Canada rocks! She agreed wholeheartedly.

 Coming up February 24-26, 2023, the WRASSA (Western Regional AA Service Assembly) is being hosted by us in Area 78, in Edmonton.  We would just love to see y’all come out. Info is already on the website (  Irma V. (W. Canada Trustee) will be chairing the event and there will be sooooooo many great take-aways for newcomers to longtimers alike.


In loving service,


Now for a little Pony Express Update of what’s going on:

  1. North/South Connection – Virtual Special Forum – July 16, 2022 11 am – 7 pm EDT
  2. The 72nd Conference Report – Any Districts / Groups wanting to hear the Delegate’s Report can email me at to request the report for their members
    Also, The Report will be offered online twice in July: Tues, July 19 and Mon, July 25 @ 7-9pm
    Zoom: 708 555 5414 password: area78
  3. Stories are still requested for: 5th Edition of the Big Book
  4. Stories are still requested for the following pamphlets:
    • A. for the Older Alcoholic
    • A. for the Native North American
    • A. for the Black and African-American
  5. Trustee-at-Large/Canada Vacancy – interested past delegates from Area 78 may apply to prior to the September Assembly.
  6. 2025 International Convention – Vancouver – FAQ

Other great updates –

May 2022 ACM

What a trip…What a trip!

Walking through the time in New York – before, during and after the 72nd Conference is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I love New York and I never in a million years thought I would ever say that.  It is clean, friendly and lovely.  Everyone walks everywhere. The work that is put into carrying the message from the staff, Trustees, Directors and overall Conference members is so heartwarming.   It took me quite a while after coming home to sort through it all.  I still haven’t finished.  My soul keeps moving around the experience.

The 10 days were in sections. First there was the site-seeing my sister and I did. Some on our own and some with Carolyn and Rio, from BC/Yukon, Richard from Manitoba.  Later, we joined up with Irma and Glenn from Sask.

The next part was also prior to the conference when we had the Remote Communities Meeting, the open Hospitality meet and greet and then the Delegate’s Only meeting. The Co-chairs for the next Conference are Richard, from area 80 (Manitoba), Janet F from Area 23 (Southern Indiana) and myself.

The next phase was with our Committee work.  Each committee meet for 10-12 hours over 3 days.  Also on those days were many reports, workshops, presentations and something they called the Fishbowl discussions.  I learned so much and appreciated the hard work done by the committees and staff throughout the year between conferences.

The last three days were dedicated solely and completely to the committee recommendations and considerations.  This was followed by floor actions put forward at the conference itself.  These were long, inspiring and soul filling hours. Watching all our Traditions and Concepts put into action was really something.  Every voice was heard, every question answered and all put into thoughtful consideration, no matter how long it took.

The final part was after the Conference. Two busloads of us, with our Plus One were given a tour of the GSO, Archives and Grapevine offices.  Seeing all the offices, each identified with either a position or committee name felt like a family member.

All told, the trip was a trip! So very grateful for the opportunity to take our voice, then return with the entire Conference voice.

Now for a little Pony Express Update of what’s been going on:

  1. Regional Forum June 3-5 in Winnipeg
  2. Stories are requested for: 5th Edition of the Big Book & pamphlets: “A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic”, “AA for the Native North American”, and “AA for the Older Alcoholic”
  3. WRAASA (our Regional Service Assembly) is set for Feb 24 – 26, 2023
  4. CPC (Cooperating with the Professional Community) is participating with GSO in the American Academy of Physicians Assistants Conference in Calgary on June 17 – 19, 2022. Volunteers are needed. Contact Ron (
  5. GSC Delegate Report Districts/Groups can request the report for their members; email
    Two Reports online will be given Tues, July 19 and Mon, July 25 @ 7-9pm Zoom: 780 555 5414 password: area78


In loving service,


May 2022

As I write this for the May article for the Delegate’s Corner, I am in the middle of packing, repacking, organizing, re-organizing all things necessary (and lots that likely aren’t).  In a week I fly to NYC for the General Service Conference (April 24 – 30).  There are many people busily getting prepared for the arrival of Delegates, Trustees, Directors and Staff who will be attending.  I think of them often, sending little prayers to help them along. So grateful for all their loving dedication.

Reviewing the Conference Agenda Items,  I am amazed at how AA must have changed since its humble beginnings.  Although Bill W. and Dr. Bob had insight into how AA would reach world-wide membership, there was no way to anticipate the changes coming in technology, politics, world events, or social evolutions.  However, they did know the importance of establishing a guiding light; a unique structure never seen before (or since).

The role of anyone in service is kinda like being part of the Pony Express, carrying information along from one to another. In this role, it carries your choices and thoughts to where a decision process happens for AA as a whole.  Those, then are carried back to you.  It also makes me feel like we are kind of pioneers, part of ‘history in the making’, small as it may be. Reviewing the past decisions, doing an initial read-through of each ‘review’ ‘discuss’ or ‘consider’ topic, listening to the many discussions at our own Assembly, noodling your questions and concerns, and now re-reading all the report-backs again, I find myself deepening into what Alcoholics Anonymous brings to our world. A way of living, of being, of serving humanity, one alcoholic at a time.

Now for a little Pony Express Update of what’s been going on:

  1. Our Regional Forum is quickly approaching: June 3-5 in Winnipeg.
    • Who is coming? Still welcoming some volunteers
    • And, we can have a display about our Area – any ideas???
  2. Final Reports for the 72nd GSC have been ordered J
  3. The Safety literature updates are complete so it is all ready to go – take a boo
  4. Stories are now requested for the 5th Edition of the Big Book and for the pamphlet, “A.A. for the Black and African-American Alcoholic”
  5. The committee is struck for WRAASA (our Regional Service Assembly) Feb 24 – 26, 2023
  6. CPC (Cooperating with the Professional Community) is busy!
    Our very own Ron S, Area 78 CPC Chair is participating with GSO in a national professional conference, American Academy of Physicians Assistants (CPA 2022) in Calgary on June 17 – 19, 2022. Volunteers for the booth are needed. Contact Ron (
  7. GSO Quarterly Report is out

Thank you to our Archives Chair, Derric F and especially Keith A from District 18’s Archives Committee for providing a “Gift of our Area’s History” to give to our Report and Charter Committee Secretary, Craig W.

Many thanks to each of you for being here.

Blessings, I am humbled to serve,

Tami L.

April 2022

]Hi there.  Tami here; still an alcoholic.

The reason any of us can take 1 year or 3, 5, or 30 years is because AA is still here.  It is still here because in 1950, 72 years ago, this intricate, spiritually based structure came to be, to ensure AA continues to thrive by placing the running of AA directly into your hands, into the hands of the entire AA membership. With our Pre-Conference Assembly complete, I am prepared to carry the voice of Area 78 to the General Service Conference in NY.  The theme this year: AA Comes of Age 2.0: Unified in Love and Service

When we first enter Service we may never even imagine where this journey could take us.   We put up our hand and miracles happen.  Giving back takes courage and sacrifice.  It means digging deeper into step and traditions work, to lean heavily on a HP and those we trust and respect. The concepts become highly regarded, thoughtfully expressed, using our free will to serve from love rather than from ego.

On April 23rd I will attend the optional, pre-Conference Remote Communities meeting and workshops.  In 1992, at the York Hotel in Toronto, our very own Elaine S, Panel 42 Delegate started this remote communities meeting.  Area 78’s dedication to our remote membership has been strong. In remote, isolated areas – while they share the same disease, and the same solution, they truly do have unique struggles.  We all know, getting sober is one thing.  Staying and living sober is quite another when anonymity can be virtually impossible or meetings don’t happen if you are the only one sober or the closest meeting takes 2 days travel.  For some the stigma of being sober, has serious consequences.  Sponsorship or access to technology can be limited.  Poverty, isolation, teeny populations, cultural and language differences show us the importance of being loving, understanding and continuing to reach out the hand of AA.

I will attend the “Delegate’s Only” meeting and the Open Dinner on Saturday, prior to the Conference starting. We begin our week coming together for a roll call and briefings.  Then we roll up our sleeves and get down to our Committee work, mine is with Report and Charter.  We have much to do with the Service Manual and the Final Reports along with two EDW (equalized distribution of workload) from Literature.  The other 8 Delegates on the committee are great.  We’ve been meeting twice a month since January.  I’m the only one from Canada.

For the first 5 days there are many meetings and activities.  We will get together as a Region to discuss regional activities & issues. Our Regional Trustee, Irma V. shares all the going-ons about trustee activities and updates with us. There is much to do as we prepare for the final 2-3 days when all 135 of us meet to discuss and decide on the 78+ agenda items.

I look forward to sharing this experience along with the interesting results from the discussion and decisions on the Agenda Items once I am back.  I understand I have a deadline to be ready by our May ACM in Ft Mac. So, that I shall. Any groups, districts or service bodies wanting me to share the Delegate’s report, please email me so we can make arrangements.

Now for yet something else that is way cool!  We have 8 Regions across Canada/US; Canada has 2, the US has 6.  We belong to the Western Canada Region which includes us, BC/Yukon, SK and MB.  Each region puts on two events – a Service Assembly and a Forum – both designed to bring regional members closer while learning and growing together.  The regions rotate these events between their Areas.

In February 2023, it is our turn to host WRAASA, the Western Regional AA Service Assembly.  Five districts from Edmonton bid, and won, to be the host.

Also, our 2022 Western Canada Regional Forum is this year in Winnipeg June 3-5, hosted by Area 80.  This is when the traveling General Service Office comes to our Region – to meet us and to put on workshops, displays, presentations, discussions and learn about “what’s on our mind”. There, you’ll be able to meet the General Manager, the General Service Board Chair, the Chair of AA Grapevine board and the Publisher, an AAWS (AA World Services) Director, our own Trustees, the list goes on. It is a GREAT weekend of fellowship and sharing, and a chance to inform the GSO about our needs for our Region.  Hope you can come!

At the Assembly, little acorns were given to each of the members. They were chosen because our spiritual journey is like that of the acorn … we too need to break open in order to become all that we are intended to be.

With a grateful heart,


Pre-Assembly Conference

This month, we’re gonna chat about the upcoming Pre-Assembly Conference. In case you aren’t sure what that means, we will take a boo at it. For those who know what this means, there might be some helpful info to prepare for the Assembly.

The very best piece of Literature to have handy about the following is the A. A. Service Manual combined with Twelve Concepts for World Service (one book). The new 2021-2023 is available at your Central Office or through Literature at

Every year Alcoholics Anonymous holds an exciting meeting that lasts for 8 days at the General Service Office (GSO) in NY. There are ~135 people from across Canada and the United States who come together to discuss all kinds of interesting things that members like you and me, or committees like the Public Information Committee for example thought were needed to add, remove, change, fix, or look at for all of us in AA in Canada and United States. All the ideas come from the membership in one way, shape or form. All the discussion and decisions come from the membership and dedicated ‘Friends of AA’, through a structure called, the ‘Conference’.

As a unique organization – although not traditionally organized as such – we are fully self-supporting – both financially and structurally. We have guidelines that are created and decided upon – by us – on how to run this operation called Alcoholics Anonymous. We use our 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts to manage ourselves, the business of AA and how we relate to one another and to the outside world.

Can you image if every group was off doing their own thing, had to print the Big Book, didn’t have any structure to follow or were all alone in the world? I image a bit of chaos and nobody would be able to figure out what we do in AA, or how to get help. At one time, all we had were individual groups.

Back in the day, when all this started, Dr Bob and Bill W took care of helping people get sober, supporting new groups, writing hundreds of letters to struggling families, all the pubic relations, creating the Big Book, then publishing/distributing it, and on and on. Talk about giving back!!!

It worked for quite a few years, with a lot of help and support. The history can be discovered through our Literature in wonderful books like “Language of the Heart” or “AA Comes of Age” or “Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers” or the new one, “Our Great Responsibility”. They did amazing things, however, it wasn’t easy trudging. The Traditions, themselves, came out of all the concern, challenges or fighting between members and groups (sound familiar?). I wonder if we would have survived without the Traditions.

Well, when Dr Bob became ill, reality sunk in. How was AA to keep on going when Dr Bob and Bill weren’t running things? With much thought, and what many consider to be divine guidance, the decision came to have the entire membership run Alcoholics Anonymous, not just Bill and Bob. What? Everyone? Well, that idea needed some structure to it. And, the structure they created is our Conference. We refer to the annual gathering as “The Conference”, like a traditional large meeting. It is, yet it is much much more. It is a very special, loving, unique and enduring structure that keeps us all together, growing and focused on our primary purpose, so we can serve those who need us most. special, loving, unique and enduring structure that keeps us all tog on our primary purpose, so we can serve those who need us most.

Their decision was approved in 1950. So evolved the structure of Areas, and Districts within an Area. One member would be voted in by their fellowship to carry their Area’s voice. They would have the delegated authority (hence the title “Delegate”) to bring forward the thoughts, concerns, opinions and motions of all their Area members. They would, however, need to make final decisions based on what supports AA as a whole.

In 1951 the first Conference was held with half the Areas being represented – hence Panel #1. The following year, the second half of the Areas served as Panel #2…all the way to us in Panel 72 – 72 years later, and counting.

Now for this year’s business. First, I hope you ALL come to the Pre-Assembly Conference to share your thoughts and ideas.

Next, here is the business at hand – the 77 different discussion items that the Delegates will address at the Conference in NYC April 23- 30, 2022.

If you want to learn more, please feel free to join in these Pre-Conference Info Sessions:

1. Pre-Conference Service Orientation

a. Learn about the Conference and what it means to you and A.A.
b. Schedule for the Agenda Items and Background materials
c. Preparing for the Assembly
d. What to do with the Agenda Items as a member, GSR or DCM?

Tuesday, Feb 21 OR Monday, Feb 28 7:00 – 9:00 pm Zoom 708 555 5414

2. Agenda Items Discussion
a. Review Pre-Conference Agenda Items
b. Committees for the Assembly
c. How to share the responses
d. What this means to the membership

Wednesday, March 9, 2022 7:00 – 9:00 pm Zoom 708 555 5414 OR

Saturday, March 12, 2022 7:00 – 9:00 pm Zoom 708 555 5414

The Pre-Conference Assembly will be held

Friday 6:00 pm – Sunday 1:00 pm March 18-20, 2022

Details will be posted on the website.

What a gift and honor to serve you, and Alcoholics Anonymous.


In Loving Service,
Tami L

To our Members

The Spirit of Rotation has us beginning our new roles as your Area 78 Committee, serving on Panel 72. I am humbled, and excited to serve as your Delegate for these next two years.

Area 78 is the largest geographical area in Canada/US, covering 3,150,000 sq kms. We serve AA members in Alberta, NWT, Western Nunavut, NE & SE corners of BC, and Maidstone, Sk.

From one alcoholic to all the alcoholics in our fellowship in Canada and the United States, we want to ensure we stay connected. In our structure, the Group supports its members and is supported by theirDistrict, which is then supported by their Area, which is supported by the Canada/US General Service of Alcoholics Anonymous out of New York.

How we stay together, know what is going on, and have ‘our’ voices heard is through the GSRs (General Service Representatives). For their two years, a GSR represents their group at District meetings and at the Area Assemblies. They bring all kinds of information to the members. They also share the voice of
their members on all matters concerning the District, the Area and to A.A. as a whole. The GSRs share their members’ ideas, concerns, and successes. Delegates, who are elected in each Area, carry the voice of the members to an annual Conference in NY and bring information back for the Districts and Groups.

Our Area Committee includes all the DCMs (District Committee Members) and the Area Committee Officers (6 elected Table Officers and 10 appointed Committee Chairs).

Panel 72 referee to the two-year term an Area Committee serves the members. In 1950 the A.A. Founders turned the running of A.A. over to the membership as a whole, as a way to ensure Alcoholics Anonymous survives, and thrives. We are the 72nd panel since that time. (1950 + 72 = 2022)

In the spirit of rotation, just as we begin to figure things out, we move on, making room for others. Each Panel is a part of history, a kind of legacy, in the growth and continuity of Alcoholics Anonymous. Most of us are familiar with being financially self-supporting. Our service structure ensures that we are also self-governing. We answer to no one but ourselves. For information or to contact any of the Area Committee Officers, please go to
click on “Services”


In Loving Service,
Tami L, Area 78 P72 Delegate