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Of all the offices in general service, perhaps one of the least understood is that of the district committee member. Just what is a D.C.M.? How are these trusted servant selected, and what do they do? – The D.C.M: Linchpin Between Group Reps and The Area Service Structure,  Box 459 (2003)

Below you’ll find a list of resources compiled by the General Service Office that will better help you understand and prepare for this important position. You can download the complete package (contents are located in a .zip file) or you can download each item individually through the dropdown kit list.

If you are a new DCM please fill out this form, save it to your computer, then e-mail it to grouprecords@area78.org and GSO Membership Services . If you need to notify us of a change in email address, please click HERE.


List of Kit Contents (this page(F-153W)


The A.A. Service Manual/Twelve Concepts for World Service (BM-31)


G.S.O. Quarterly Report (F-14)

Self-Support Packet* (F-19)

Change of Group Information Form (F-28)

Alcoholics Anonymous New Group Form (F-30)

D.C.M. Change Form (F-43)

One Area’s Suggestion for District Inventory* (F-44)

Linking Groups in Your District to A.A. as a Whole* (F-103)

Group Listings * (F-105)

Your Seventh Tradition Contribution Carrying Our Message Beyond Your Home Group (F-203)

General Service Conference Final Report(M-23)

Advisory Actions Booklet* (M-39)

Full Set of A.A. Guidelines (MG-20)

List of Service Material* (SM F-33)

Concepts Checklist (SM F-91)

Is Your Group Linked to A.A. as a Whole (SM F-104)

How To Conduct A Sharing Session (SM F-111)

Chart of General Service Conference Structure (U.S. and Canada) (SM F-116)

Sharing from D.C.M.s to a New D.C.M. (SM F-174)

Safety and A.A.: Our Common Welfare (SMF-209)

Appropriate A.A. Directory (Canadian, Eastern U.S. or Western U.S.)*


Your A.A. General Service Office (F-6)

Your D.C.M. (F-12)

Twelve Concepts Illustrated (P-8)

The A.A. Group (P-16)

Inside A.A. (P-18)

G.S.R. General Service Representative (P-19)

Circles of Love and Service (P-45)

A.A. Membership Survey (P-48)


Current Box 4-5-9 (F-36)

Box 4-5-9 Articles (F-36DCM)

Intergroup/Central Offices: Then and Now (Fall 2017)

Dark Districts – A Focus for Many Area Delegates (February/March 2006)

Looking at Redistricting Options (Holiday 2005)

Districts and D.C.M.s Link Together A.A. Group (October/November 2005)

The D.C.M.: Linchpin Between Group Reps and The Area Service Structure (Holiday 2003)


Literature Catalog (includes A.A.W.S. and A.A. Grapevine material) (F-10)

Box 4-5-9 Order Form (F-37)

Box 4-5-9 via email


Available through the AA Grapevine website at www.aagrapevine.org/resources

AA Grapevine Today/La Viña Hoy (one page flyer)* (F-188)

Audio Post Card* (F-196)

AA Grapevine Books* (F-301)

How to Support Our Grapevine & Carry the Message* (F-304)

* Item is not available on our website. Please contact the Group Services desk if you have questions about this item.

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Complete DCM Kit

The contents are located in a .zip file
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