Remote Communities

What is the Remote Communities Committee Chair?

Like all of AA, the primary purpose of members involved with Remote Communities service is to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers. The Mission of the Remote Communities Committee is to do so with a focus to those living or working in areas that are isolated in terms of geography, language or culture.


The Remote Communities Committee is focused on carrying the AA message to all in Area 78, no matter their location, language or culture. It does this by developing and maintaining unique ways of carrying the AA message to remote communities; creating an awareness among the Area 78 fellowship of the special needs of alcoholics in remote communities, along with suggestions on how to address these needs; and working with remote groups to acquire AA literature. Where local groups or meetings don’t exist, we may suggest alternatives.


The Remote Communities Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1.  Manage and maintain all aspects of the Area 78 sponsored “Spirit of the North” online Zoom meetings.
  2.  Continually search for new and innovative ways to serve AA members in the remote communities of Area 78.
  3.  Foster discussion with remote community DCM’s, GSR’s, and long-time AA members on their needs and how Area 78 might help.

Reaches out where barriers such as language, culture, geography, and isolation prevent the message of AA from being carried to fellow alcoholics.

The Remote Communities Committee is dedicated to being inclusive and promoting accessibility to area services for all members.

Committee Composition

The committee consists of the Chair, and current DCMs and GSRs who are assigned to the committee by the Area 78 Registrar for their two-year term of service. Others selected for the committee may include past Area 78 officers or long-time members recommended for their knowledge in Remote Communities service work. Area 78 visitors may participate on this committee, but they do not have a vote.


The Remote Communities Committee Chair is charged with overseeing and managing all aspects of the Area 78 online Zoom Meeting, and other tasks that may be assigned to the Remote Communities Committee.


  • Ensure that the Committee functions cohesively, considering the needs of the alcoholic who is in a remote capacity.
  • Attend and facilitate full participation during Area or committee meetings.
  • Make certain that all relevant matters are discussed.
  • Insure that all committee decisions are recorded in the Area Minutes.
  • Report directly to the Area Assembly on pertinent committee decisions.
  • Travel to and present at workshops in the Area, upon request.
  • Transport and set up of equipment / displays at Area 78 Area Committee Meetings.
  • Create a schedule for the online meeting chair person.
  • Manage the payment and security of the Area 78 online meeting Zoom account.
  • Produce a synopsis of the background information on the Conference Agenda Items assigned by the Delegate for the Pre-Conference Assemblies.

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