Group Records

What is the Group Records Committee Chair?

Keeping the groups in Area 78 linked at the local level with the General Service Office in New York is crucial in keeping these groups informed and for the unity of AA as a whole. The “Group Records / Registration Committee” plays a key role in keeping information synchronized between the two.

The Mission of the Group Records / Registration Committee is to support carrying the message in Area 78 by:

  • Developing and maintaining group records, which are stored in the GSO database.
  • Setup up and running the Registration desk during Area Committee meetings, where current group information is verified during the registration process.
  • Maintaining trusted servant contact lists which are shared with specific members of our membership on request.

NB – It is crucial that the Area Registrar maintain strict confidentiality of groups’ and members’ personal information.  Information from FNV can only be requested by and provided to a Table Officer.  All other requests from any members for group or contact information must come through the Delegate.  The only exceptions are Group Information Sheets provided to District Committee Members for groups in their Districts.


Members of the Group Records / Registration committee work under the supervision of the Area 78 Registrar (who also chairs the committee) to perform the necessary registration work at Area 78 events. This Committee is responsible for all aspects of the Area 78 Registration process at Area 78 business meetings, some of which are listed below.



  1. Obtain a float from the Area Treasurer for each Area event, manage and secure it during the event, and return it prior to the event close.
  2. Collect the Area 78 business meeting Registration Fee from all voting members of the Area 78 Assembly and visitors who wish to receive a mailed copy of the business meeting minutes. Issue receipt for same.
  3. Ensure that all General Service Representatives(GSRs) are registered with AA’s General Service Office(GSO) in New York, and verify that their home group information is correct and up-to-date.
  4. Provide color coded Name Badges with lanyards for the various members, guests, and visitors.
  5. Prepare and print registration forms and receipts as needed.
  6. Store, maintain and transport these wall hangings: 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Concepts, Area Maps, AA Structure,  Welcome Board and easel.
  7. Assign registrants to sharing sessions and service committees using the established Area 78 protocol for doing so.
  8. Provide the Area Chair a list of District Committee Members (DCMs) in attendance before the DCM reports begin.
  9. Maintain hard copies of Assembly and Area Committee Meeting registrants and give all material to the Archivist at the end of meetings, maintaining Area confidentiality.
  10. Purchase and maintain voting ballots for Area elections, ensuring storage for ballots is clean, dry and safe.
  11. Maintains Area 78 equipment such as shredder, paper cutter, printer, toner, paper, office supplies, totes, money trays, clipboards, etc.

Group Records / Registration Committee

The chair of this committee maintains GSO’s group records database, upholding strictest confidentiality. Provides information to table officers, DCMs and GSRs on a need-to-know basis.

The Group Records / Registration committee is responsible for establishing policies, budgets, and procedures related to the Area 78 Meeting Registration process and the maintenance of Area 78 group records. It exercises its group conscience in regard to matters of general policy, ever mindful of and guided by AA’s 12 Traditions.

Committee Composition

Comprised of the Registrar and current DCMs and GSRs who are appointed to the committee for their two year term of service. Others selected for the committee may include past Officers or long-time members. Area 78 visitors may participate on this committee, but they do not have a vote.


The chair of the Group Records committee is also the Area 78 Registrar. Please refer to the AA Service Manual, Chapter 5, which states in part: “In some areas, registrars now develop and maintain records of all groups in the area, including group name, meeting location, time, and GSR or group contact”. In Area 78, this is the case with our Registrar directly maintaining the Area 78 records in the GSO database.

The General Service Office has a Fellowship New Vision (FNV) web portal. Logging into this secure web-based software provides access to all of the Area 78 group records which can then be updated in “real time”. Therefore, both computer proficiency and a reasonable working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of tools is helpful in maintaining these Area group records.


  • Ensure that the Committee functions properly.
  • Facilitate full participation during meetings.
  • Make certain that all relevant matters are discussed.
  • Insure that all committee decisions are recorded in the Area Minutes.
  • Report directly to the Area Assembly on pertinent committee decisions.
  • Travel to and present at workshops in the Area, upon request.
  • Transport equipment / supplies to Area 78 Area Committee Meetings and set up the Registration desk.
  • Produce a synopsis of the background information on the Conference Agenda Items assigned by the Delegate for the Pre-Conference Assemblies.
  • Perform daily Registrar data entry work and respond to email correspondence.

Send an email to the Group Records Chair (Area 78 Registrar) by using the contact form below.

Priority Work:

Maintain the Area 78 component of the Fellowship New Vision(FNV) database housed at the General Service Office in New York by processing requests received from the area membership. Check with Canada Post to ensure accuracy with information.

Forward relevant information to the E-Services Website Team regarding changes when the information is not submitted via the online forms, thus ensuring that the Area 78 website stays in-sync with the information stored in the FNV database.

Follow-up with GSO:

  • when GSR and/or DCM kits appear to have been delayed;
  • when a Group has closed;
  • when a Group is requesting a name change; and/or
  • when a Group moves to a new city.

Other Duties:

  • Keep the Records.
  • Maintain current lists of:
    1. GSC members with their positions, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (one for the committee with personal emails and one for the DCMs with alias emails).
    2. District locations and numbers.
    3. DCM and Alternate DCM contact information.
    4. District Committee Chair position contact information.
    5. DCM email addresses.
  • Download group data from the FNV database to create the Group Information Sheets for inclusion in the DCM packages.
  • Prepare DCM packages to also include: a cover letter to the DCMs, one copy each of the New Group Form, DCM, Group and District Committee Chair Position change forms, current lists as noted above, group contribution statements from GSO and any other inserts required by other GSC members.
  • Following an Area Meeting, mail packages to any DCMs not in attendance.
  • Have an extra supply of the forms and lists included in the DCM packages available at each Area Meeting.
  • Generate DCM mailing labels when requested.
  • Provide the Treasurer with a current list of registered Groups and which District they fall into, when requested.

*Note: It is crucial that the Area Registrar maintain strict confidentiality of groups and members personal information. Information from FNV can only be requested by and provided to a Table Officer. All other requests from any members for group or contact information must come through the Delegate.

Position Requirements:

The following skills / experience is considered an asset for this position:

  • Accurate data entry with attention to detail.
  • Intermediate or better computer skills.
  • Ability to use current Microsoft Office programs and the internet in an effective manner.
  • Strong customer service skills, with a friendly and patient disposition.
  • An organized approach, with good verbal and writing skills.