Area Committees

Area Committees

The following committees are created in order to help unite the groups in a common cause and ensure the message of AA gets carried to wherever it is needed. If you are interested in joining a committee or want more information, please hover over the individual committee and click SEE COMMITTEE

Archives Committee

To provide historical context and make history accessible to AA members and other researchers

Corrections Committee

Working with corrections personnel to reach alcoholics who might never otherwise find the AA program

Cooperation with the Professional Community

To provide information about AA to those that have contact with alcoholics through their profession

e-Services Committee

Responsible for maintaining and advising the Area on technological endeavors

Grapevine Committee

Keeping members informed about events surrounding our monthly publication

Group Records Committee

Helping groups bind and communicate with General Service Office in NY

Literature Committee

Informing groups on Conference-approved literature and other special items used for carrying the AA message

Public Information Committee

Public Information Committee Working with the public to convey AA information to the general public

Treatment and Accessibilities Committee

Help carry the message to those in designated facilities and transition to AA upon release

Remote Communities Committtee

Carrying the message to those living or working in areas that are isolated in terms of geography, language or culture

Area 78 Committee Chairs 2024 & 2025 (Panel 74)