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If you have a drinking problem and want to contact someone in Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), this website offers a number of ways to do this. Please check the menu items under Contact Us to reach one of our members in Area 78 or to find a local phone number close to you. You can, of course, just look up and go to a meeting close to you by using our Find a Meeting feature. We will be glad to see you.

This website also provides information pertinent to members of AA in Area 78 and the public/media at large who are simply looking for details regarding the service structure in Area 78 of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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About Electing Table Officers

Five (5) Area Officers are elected every second year to serve a 2-year term as a Table Officer of the Area 78 Service Committee. It is strongly suggested that the outgoing (not the incoming) GSRs and DCMs be available to vote at the Election Assembly in order to assure a more informed election.

The following information lists the elected Table Officer positions, with a brief summary of each role. Detailed information on the positions is available here:

  • Delegate – Reports to and from the General Service Conference, held each year in New York.
  • Alternate Delegate – Assists Delegate in responsibilities. Currently the Alternate Delegate is also tasked with keeping the Area 78 Guidelines and the Action Binders up-to-date.
  • Chair of Area 78 – Responsible for the agenda, setting up, and chairing of Area Committee meetings. Co-chairs Table Officer/Finance Committee.
  • Secretary – Records meetings and prepares the minutes.
  • Treasurer – Maintains payables and receivables for Area 78. Co-chairs Table Officer/Finance Committee.

For those who are intending to stand for election, the use of the Area78ServiceResume.docx form (available in the Downloads/Forms folder) is not mandatory to be a candidate for any of the above positions.  However, its use does assist both the candidate and the Area 78 Fellowship in several ways. These include the provision of consistent information in an organized way and assisting candidates in adhering to time limits for presentation of their resumes.

Are you a past/Current DCM?

Chairs for the Area 78 Standing Committees will be appointed at the Election Assembly. Candidates are asked to nominate themselves by completing the Online Committee Chair Self-Nomination Form.

Area 78 Web/Email Administrators

Updated Posting: June 1, 2019

Past Delegate for Panel 62 (Walter S) has volunteered to perform the duties of an Area 78 Web Administrator and we are delighted to have him join our web team. Walter will be handling the web admin responsibilities for the even number months till 2021.

Area 78 is looking for a couple of people to help maintain this website and our email system for the next Panel 70 Rotation, performing the Administrator duties for each position. If you would like to know more about this work, check out the "Web Team" and "Postmaster" tabs on the E-Services Committee page.

Please contact the E-Services chair via the email address on the Contact Us page if you are interested in putting your name forward for one of these very rewarding service positions.

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