Jan / 2023

Winter 2023 Area Committee Meeting

Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Delegate's Corner

November 2022

Many thanks to all interested in the Delegate Report, and about all the going-ons for the Delegate.  Getting to meet the membership in your home communities is truly my favorite part of this role.  I hope to be invited for a visit to every district within this term.  There’s only 13 months left, and more than half the districts to see, please email delegate.72@area78.org if you’d like a visit. Time is flying by.

It was also a pleasure attending the Area 79 (BC/Yukon) hybrid assembly in September (online), then off to Area 80 (Manitoba’s) hybrid in October (online).  Both Mike M and I attended…

April 23 - 29th, 2023 Brooklyn, New York.

AA's General Service Conference

In all its proceedings, the General Service Conference shall observe the spirit of the A.A. Tradition, taking great care that the Conference never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds, plus an ample reserve, be its prudent financial principle; …

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