Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

Group Records / Registration

Registrar Information

Registrar is an appointed position on the Area 78 General Service Committee, and chairs the Group Records committee.  Please refer to the A.A. Service Manual, Chapter 5, which states in part: "In some areas, registrars now develop and maintain records of all groups in the area, including group name, meeting location, time, and GSR or group contact. For this job, an organized approach as well as computer literacy can be helpful."

The General Service Office has a Fellowship New Vision web portal. Logging into this secure, password protected, web portal provides access to all of the Area's group records which can then be updated in "real time". Therefore, both computer proficiency and a reasonable working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Outlook programs will be helpful in maintaining Area 78's group records. This job requires a daily commitment of time and even more time before and after assemblies, GSC meetings and travel assignments. This position is extremely rewarding.


  • Maintain the Area 78 component of the Fellowship New Vision database housed at the General Service Office in New York by processing requests received from District Committee Members and Members. Check with Canada Post to ensure accuracy with information. Forward relevant information to the Public Information Chair regarding changes to meetings to insure the Area 78 Web site is updated. Follow-up with GSO when GSR and/or DCM kits appear to have been delayed, when a Group has closed, a Group is requesting a name change and if a Group moves to a new city.
  • Keep the Records
  • Maintain current lists of:
  1. GSC members with their positions, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses (one for the committee with personal emails and one for the DCMs with alias emails).
  2. District locations and numbers
  3. DCM and Alternate DCM contact information
  4. District Committee Chair position contact information
  5. DCM e-mails

Quarterlies & Assemblies

  • Download group data from the FNV database to create the Group Information Sheets for inclusion in the DCM packages
  • Prepare DCM packages to also include: a cover letter to the DCMs, one copy each of the New Group Form, DCM, Group and District Committee Chair Position change forms, current lists as noted above, group contribution statements from GSO and any other inserts required by other GSC members
  • Following the Quarterlies and/or Assemblies, mail packages to any DCMs not in attendance
  • Have an extra supply of the forms and lists included in the DCM packages available at each Quarterly and Assembly
  • Sign-out the hearing assist equipment, replace ear buds and batteries as necessary
  • Distribute the current Conference Reports with the DCM packages at the September Assemblies
  • Is assigned to a Committee for the Pre-Conference Assemblies: is responsible for producing a synopsis of the background information on the Conference Agenda Items of that Committee and facilitates this Committee at the Assemblies. Is in contact with the DCMs assigned to the Committee
  • Generate DCM mailing labels when requested.
  • Provide the Treasurer with a current list of registered Groups and which District they fall into.
  • Provide the Grassroots chair with the names of the current DCMs, GSRs, Alternate GSRs and/or mail contacts for all Districts and represented registered Groups.
  • Follow-up on any returned copies of Grassroots to determine a new address and/or contact. Also follow-up on e-mails that have bounced back.

The Registrar can be contacted via the form on this page.