Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

Public Information

Public Information (PI)

(See Service Manual S60 for more information and GSO Public Information Guidelines on

Basic PI Committee Functions:

The purpose of Public Information Committee is to assist districts, groups, and members to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the alcoholic who still suffers in their communities.  Working together, members of Public Information committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media in hopes that alcoholics are reached and directed towards the program of A.A.  It is important that members are familiar with the details in “Speaking at Non-A.A. Meetings” and “Understanding Anonymity” principles prior to visits with the public.

The Public Information Committee Chair:

  1. assists Districts, groups, and members to carry the message and provides support to committee members in engaging and building Public Information in their communities
  2. responds to questions pertaining to anonymity;  questions about what A.A. does and does not do, and to queries about contacting and finding A.A. communicates with the membership via website e-mail responding to questions or requests for assistance       
  3. travels to and hosts a table or presents a Public Information workshop within Area 78 upon request
  4. cooperates with Central Offices and local PI committees within the Area.
  5. ensures there is a contact list of Committee members and that minutes are recorded at Assemblies and Area committee meetings
  6. requires computer access and basic knowledge around electronic communications
  7. attends the Transition Meeting as the outgoing Committee Chair and brings all pertinent information, banner, and supplies for transfer to the incoming PI Committee Chair

Please read the following important Public Information resources under followed by choosing AA Literature.

  • Understanding Anonymity  P-47
  • Speaking at Non-A.A. Meetings  P-40
  • Public Information Workbook  M-271

If the PI Chair needs to resign their position, please refer to resignation procedures in the Area Guidelines.

Contact the Public Information Committee Chair by using the form on this page.