Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

Correction Facilities


The purpose of a correctional facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls, and to set up means of smoothing the way from the facility to the larger AA community through pre-release contacts.

A correctional facilities committee may function within the structure of a General Service Conference area committee or a central office (intergroup). In AA's early years, prison Twelfth Step work was usually done by an individual group or an individual member. As AA has grown, however, it seems that a committee formed within the AA service structure works more effectively.

Prior to 1977, services to correctional and treatment facilities were provided under the umbrella of the Institutions Committee. Because of rapid growth, the 1977 General Service Conference voted to dissolve its Institutions Committee and form two separate committees, one for correctional facilities and one for treatment facilities. This division was created to provide better service to groups and meetings in both kinds of facilities.
from A.A. Guidelines/Correctional Facilities Committees ©AAWS, used with permission.

Am I Responsible?
Some alcoholics aren't lucky enough to be able to go to meetings when they want to. They are in prison. They have limited contact with the shared experience that our Fellowship offers through its meetings.

Would you like more information regarding AA in a Correctional Facility? Please contact your local Correctional Facilities Committee, your district DCM, your group GSR, or the Area 78 Corrections Committee Chair via the form on this page.