Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

General Information

Area Committee

Perhaps more than any other group of people in AA, the Area Committee is responsible for the health of the Conference structure and as a result, the growth and harmony of the AA fellowship. An active committee deals with a variety of service issues. It is there for the committee member to turn to for assistance in answering questions such as:

  • Are experiences being shared among groups?
  • Is the AA message getting into hospitals, prisons, jails, and rehabilitation centers?
  • Are news media and professionals who deal with suffering alcoholics well informed about AA?
  • Are new Groups and loners being visited and helped?
  • Is there a lack of harmony in a District?

The Area Committee is composed of all District Committee Members and Area Committee Officers (including the Past Delegate). All Standing Committee Chairs are appointed positions except for the Table Officer/Finance Committee (letter A, below).

Area 78 Standing Committees

A. Table Officer/Finance (Co-chaired by Chair & Treasurer)

B. Group Records/Registration

C. Public Information (PI)

D. Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

E. Treatment & Accessibilities

F. Corrections

G. Grapevine (GV)

H. Archives

I. Remote Communities

J. Literature

K. E-Services

Composition of Committees

  • Each trusted servant (District Committee Member, General Service Representative) that registers at an Assembly or Area Committee Meeting is assigned to a committee, with a letter ranging from B to K.  (Committee A is comprised of the Area 78 Table Officers).
  • Trusted servant committee assignments are for a two-year period of service, or the remainder of the current panel rotation.  
  • A past District Committee Member is appointed as Chair of each committee for the two-year term coinciding with the current Area Committee Panel rotation.  
  • A recording Secretary is selected for each committee from its committee members. 
  • Committee members may also include alternates and visitors as assigned by the Registrar during registration.


  • Each Committee shall be a service body only, reporting directly to the Assembly. 
  • The Committee makes recommendations (if any) pertinent to its responsibility, for approval or disapproval during their scheduled Committee report. 
  • Each Committee meets whenever they are scheduled (usually Friday night and Saturday) at both Area Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings. 
  • Annually, each Committee Chair receives (relative to their committee) a General Service Conference Agenda Information package from the Delegate, which they summarize for distribution to their committee.

Transition / Resignation

  • It is imperative that each outgoing Committee Chair attends the Transition Meeting and brings all pertinent information and Area 78 inventory items for transfer to their respective incoming Chair.
  • If a Committee Chair needs to resign their position, they should refer to the resignation procedures outlined in the Area 78 Guidelines on how to do so.