Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

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Monday Meeting Links

07:00 AM Go For It
09:30 AM Daily Reflections
10:00 AM Monday Morning
10:30 AM New Beginnings
11:00 AM Haddon Road
12:00 PM Fun Seekers
12:00 PM Glenmore
12:00 PM Knox Nooners
12:00 PM New Beginnings
12:00 PM Out To Lunch Bunch
12:00 PM Women with Heart
01:30 PM Garnet Block
05:00 PM Glenmore
05:15 PM Homeward Bounders
05:15 PM New Beginnings
07:00 PM Grupo Nuevo Horizonte
07:00 PM Regal
07:00 PM Steps Stories And Beyond
07:30 PM Harvest Hills
07:30 PM O.D.A.T.
07:30 PM S.M.O.G.
07:30 PM Sobriety & Beyond
08:00 PM Bowmont
08:00 PM Double H
08:00 PM Fireside
08:00 PM Glenmore
08:00 PM Midnapore
08:00 PM Monday Big Book Study
08:00 PM Mustard Seed Mens
08:00 PM New Beginnings
08:00 PM Northlanders
08:00 PM Primary Purpose
08:00 PM Recovery
08:00 PM Southlanders Pancake
08:30 PM Garnet Block
08:30 PM Walking Eagle

About Meetings

Group meetings can be open or closed. Closed meetings are for AA members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and “have a desire to stop drinking.” Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of recovery from alcoholism.